Influence Asia is the new awards show that celebrates those people on social media

The age of social media has truly taken over.

We already know that the ease and accessibility of the Internet has given fame to some truly oddball characters.

For example, Pewdiepie owns the most subscribed YouTube channel, which started off with him recording himself playing video games.

To put things into perspective, he has 40 million subscribers — that’s more subscribers than the respective populations of Australia, Malaysia, and even Canada.

In Southeast Asia, however, our social media-famous people are more typical, focusing on specific niches like Beauty, Health, and Fitness.

And Influence Asia aims to honour these people.

Influence who?

Organised by Gushcloud, Influence Asia 2015 will present awards to influencers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines across 9 categories.

Btw, this awards show isn’t just for any rando off Instagram.

Nominees will have to fulfill a specific set of criteria — including a minimum number of followers, engagement, and brand endorsements — and face 3 rounds of judging, before facing the final panel, the Influence Asia Council.

The Singaporean panel of judges can count Edward Wong, Head Of Digital at advertising firm OMD; Victor Tan, Digital Manager at the National Youth Council; and filmmaker Jack Neo among their ranks. 

Internet fame = real life fame

In Singapore, it seems being Internet-famous also leads to real life fame.

For example, Naomi Neo has 236k Instagram followers, beating Mediacorp queen Fann Wong by about 10k followers.


While follower numbers might just seem like arbitrary to you and I, these digits are everything to brands trying to reach out in a time when ads on traditional medium are having an increasingly limited impact.

Love it or hate it, influencers are a real thing. And they will only grow in numbers.

Influence Asia will take place at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on 7 Dec.