The Nicole Choo And Ridhwan Azman Break-up Is 2017’s First Influencer Drama


The Break-Up

Come February and things have been rocky among the local influencers.

Apparently, popular influencers Nicole Choo and Ridhwan Azman have split, according to their social media posts. Here’s a photo of them in happier times:


Why? Why? Why?

As for the reason why they split, both halves of the now-defunct couple have their own sides of the story. Here are the summarised points of this latest influencer drama.

Nicole’s Side

Nicole has said it was a relationship she had been wanting to leave for quite a while.

In a recent post on her blog, which she said she wrote as she “wanted to be upfront”,  she said the relationship was “abusive mentally and physically”.

Here’s a screenshot of part of the lengthy post:


The post sheds some insight on the couple’s tumultuous history.

In short, Nicole revealed that she had initiated a break up last year in December, but relented when he convinced her to stay.

She admits that part of the blame lies with her, as she did hurt him as well – most significantly in continuing to see another guy after getting back with him. Here’s the most revealing part of the post:

It’s not only the relationship that really bothered me but the fact my family did not accept him after seeing the bruises on me, but I constantly told them, I DID HURT HIM AS WELL, but there are just so many downsides and it was my limit and this is my decision.

She also says their relationship was genuine, despite criticisms of her supposedly dating him for fame.

However, she also mentions that Ridhwan had apparently asked another girl for nudes, and didn’t admit it.

Ridhwan was previously revealed to have been violent towards an ex-girlfriend in 2013, according to Yahoo News.

Ridhwan’s Side 

Ridhwan also accused Nicole of abusive behaviour, in an apparent reply over Instagram to Nicole’s blogpost:


He expressed his disapproval of Nicole sharing details of their break up on social media. He also implied that Nicole had not been completely honest either, saying he keeps “silent about your (Nicole’s) shit”.

He seemed particularly angry about how (in his own words) she “didn’t post how violent she was to him”. He also included detailed descriptions of the violence he claims Nicole inflicted on him.

How her knees would be on my arms and she will be punching my face repeatedly. How when I am tired in the cab and she would be stabbing her heels at my throat…

Claim To Fame

Prior to their split, both Nicole and Ridhwan got some flak for their controversial “social experiment” where Nicole claimed that she got pregnant. Afterwards, she admitted she wasn’t after many people expressed their concern.

In a YouTube video titled “WHY I HATE THE INTERNET” that has since been removed, Nicole claimed that the purpose of the fake pregnancy claim was to prove how people were drawn to negativity.


Unsurprisingly, it has generated quite a response. One of her most fervent critics was YouTube user Hypocritical, who said the couple were “using their scenario to manipulate the Internet into showing sympathy for them”.


Bad Bromance

Ridhwan and Nicole’s break-up may make one person happy, though.

When they had just gotten together in February 2016, there was drama between Ridhwan and another local Youtuber, JianHao Tan. The tension had stemmed from Ridhwan quitting JianHao’s company. Ridhwan’s reason for leaving was that he wanted more time to spend with his family and friends, as he claimed in what else but a YouTube video.


JianHao responded directly to the video with a long rant over YouTube (seems to be a common theme here):


In a passage that revealed his bitterness at the ending of their “bromance”, JianHao implied that Ridhwan left the company due to his new relationship with Nicole:

After you got your girlfriend suddenly everything that you never had a problem with in the past became a problem. Maybe that’s not the case. Maybe you always felt this way.

That’s The Story

So if you have managed to follow the story up to here, that’s the latest drama from the influencers up till now.


Perhaps it would’ve been a better decision for all parties to keep their conflict off social media – but then, they wouldn’t be so famous in the first place if they kept their lives private, right?

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