Singaporean Starts Instagram Plastic Revolution

It’s a common belief that youths love disposables because, a. it’s convenient and b. we’re very very busy.

But plastic seems to be the number one enemy of this 24-year-old Singaporean girl.


Susan, a self-proclaimed greener, has started an Instagram page @nocarrierpls to encourage more people to forgo unnecessary plastic bags and do their part to save the earth.

Since July 2017, the page has amassed a following of 500 users.

She even began a series called Shoutout Sundays which features new Singaporean greeners weekly for their efforts.

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HELLO ERRYONE 🤓 ON TODAYS EPISODE OF SHOUTOUT SATURDAYS WE HAVE @clarories @allysmawy @hannahleighw @elyzacarbajal @leyaaa_anne @thisamazinggrace @viennee @chuaehs @itsronabel @su_baru this is the max number of photos I can post but there are lots lots lots more 🤓🤓🤓 thank u everyone for going miles and miles to go green. I think now that everyone’s starting to be more aware in the small ways they can go green. I’m here to dum dum emphasise what all ye folks are doing for the earth!! Just a reminder that all our plastics are NOT biodegradable. Unless u use bioplastics then perhaps they are and are BETTER but not the best for the earth!! All our nasty plastics (at least for Singapore) get incinerated and all the shitty air kills our earth. Not just the incinerating process but the manufacturing process too. And it’s so easy to do without unnecessary plastics like tiny plastic bags when u but take away stuff if you’re walking a short distance from one place to another just carry ur takeaway box (or hopefully lunch box) in ur hand. No need for a plastic bag!!! Thank u greeners for constantly spreading the green lurve ~~ I am so happy things are moving slowly!!! This mini green revolution is going places. Y’all are GRATE MOTHER EARTH IS REJOICING🤓♻️❤️

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Another greener inspired by her page even refused plastic bags while on vacation. Talk about dedication.

Guess you can’t take off days when your job is saving the earth!

Let’s take a look at how exactly she encourages her followers to ‘Say No To Plastic’.

Tips from the greener herself

Feeling inspired but still unsure of how to go about being a ‘greener’? Protecting the environment isn’t as gargantuan a task as it seems.

Keyword: Baby steps. You can’t scale the peak of Mount Everest in a day.

Susan shares easy, convenient small lifestyle changes to adopt if you are seeking greener pastures.

1. Rinse plastic bottles after using

Case in point; reuse those plastic bottles if you can after rinsing them. Or make sure they end up in recycling bins.

2. Asking for bio-degradable paper bags while shopping


Many retailers such as Topshop and Zara carry paper bags and would be more than happy to trade your plastic bag for a paper bag.

Don’t be shy to ask. You won’t come across as difficult, but you will impress them with your commitment to the environment.

3. Return extra plastic bags

There’s no reason why a bun should be double bagged. When in doubt about a plastic bag’s purpose, return it.

When you’re saving the earth, there is no such thing as mafan.

4. Bring your own Tupperware and bottles to dabao food and drinks

Staff will not usually mind your requests. Plus, they are trained to make the drink and put it in your bottle.

But don’t forget to bring a bottle with capacity of at least 500ml, to get your money’s worth.

5. Carry a collapsible tote bag

A collapsible bag is lightweight and barely takes up space. Susan says that if you forget the bag, ask your friends to carry it for you.

We guess that’s what friends are for, right?

More than just likes and hashtags

Susan first began challenging her followers to collect the plastic that they have accumulated from snacks and face masks.

Together with a friend, she started a petition which calls for more responsible use of cling wrap on fruits in Cold Storage.

The petition, hosted on, has amassed close to 9,000 signatures so far.


The concern here is that red, orange and green capsicums are usually individually cling-wrapped — which seems rather wasteful.

Want to lend your voice to the cause? The petition awaits your signature here.

More recently, she gave away 20 bamboo straws in hopes of encouraging people to use less disposable straws.


We’re definitely impressed by her genuine efforts in trying to get everyone to work together towards a better world.

Give this girl a medal

In the face of convenient disposables, Susan has demonstrated that going green in Singapore isn’t an impossible feat.

She can’t change the world alone, all of us have to do it together.

Rope in your friends to try out this plastic-free life with you. Who knows, you may be the first-movers in this plastic revolution.

It’s just plastic right?

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