Introverts’ Day Out At The Botanic Gardens May Be The Weirdest But Coolest Party Ever


Introvert’s Day Out In June Organised By Reddit

If spending a whole day alone at home reading a book appeals to you, and people have never ever described you with the words “outgoing” and “gregarious”, you should go for a party!

Yes, there is no typo in the last part of that sentence. There’s actually a party for introverts being organised, and it will be at the Botanic Gardens.

Great place for an introverts’ gathering. If we get sick of interacting with people, we can just jump in the lake.


Party For Wallflowers

On June 17, a Reddit Singapore user is organising the first-ever Introvert’s Day Out, a party for like-minded wallflowers to mingle and step out of their comfort zones.


This has to be the weirdest but most original event that we have ever come across.

As introverts by definition are people who prefer to have less interaction with people, especially people they don’t know, it goes against their very nature to attend a party.

We know that when introverts attend parties they’re more likely to sit in a corner, not talking to anyone but maybe their closest friends.

But we’re curious as to what a whole party of introverts would look like. Perhaps something like this?


Mixed Reaction

This unprecedented initiative garnered a mixed reaction, as many found the irony in organising a social event for folks who prefer to be solitary quite amusing.


Some even likened it to the popular clothing brand Anti-Social, Social Club.


Completely Legit

While this sort of event for virtual strangers to meet sounds like something of an April Fool’s joke, this gathering seems to be 100% authentic.

The organiser, who goes by the username WanderingYetLost, claims to have even obtained a permit from the authorities for the party.


We honestly don’t know how they’re gonna verify that people are really introverts though, maybe by checking their Myers-Briggs results, as this netizen suggested?



Since introverts tend to need some prompting to socialise, the organisers are introducing something that every introvert fears: orientation activities.

But don’t worry, the orientation activities are passive, introvert-friendly ones, like:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Art appreciation
  4. Music appreciation
  5. Board/card games
  6. Others

Attendees shall be grouped according to their chosen activities, with volunteers needed as group leaders (Is that a good idea? Will there actually be volunteers?).

Although you have to bring your own materials to the event, depending on what activity you choose, the event itself is completely free.

Here’s the sign-up list for you to confirm your attendance to this shindig and register for activities.

So far, the list is a little barren though — which is perhaps not surprising at all.

Time To Socialise

We aren’t sure how this party will go. Will anyone socialise at all?

Or will the party be packed with people who are really extroverts who think they are introverts?

But who knows, maybe having the party full of introverts will actually put the introverts at ease to socialise more, given that there are no noisy extroverts around.


The event coincides with International Reddit Meet-up Day, so if you’re an introvert, just sign up!

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