Man Left Baffled After A Mysterious 2-Cent Fee From 2014 Prevents Him From Getting An iPhone X

When Apple announced the iPhone X, fans were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get their hands on one — and Mr Tiong Teck Wee is no exception.

Upon hearing the news, he hopped online to register his interest with StarHub in hopes of being one of the lucky few to get one.


However, he was promptly informed that his registration couldn’t be processed.

Because of an overdue fee originating from 2014 — of 2 cents.

Complaining on Facebook

On Monday (30 Oct), Mr Tiong took to StarHub’s Facebook to lodge a complaint.

According to customer service, he was unable to register his interest because of the whopping 2 cents which had been overdue for 3 years — which was really odd considering he had recontracted at least twice since then.

So why the issue now?

Frustrating customer service

Additionally, he mentioned that customer service wasn’t much help either, as he was constantly left waiting for a callback.

He added that the situation only became more frustrating when he was told that “nothing could be done” due to the overdue fee reflected in the system.

Seems like this man hasn’t had the best experience with StarHub’s customer service.

Still, if the amount had been an issue – to the point of it being recorded in StarHub’s system – why wasn’t he ever informed about it at all? And over 2 cents nonetheless.

Something simply doesn’t add up.

StarHub finally responds

Upon seeing his complaint, StarHub replied to him on Facebook and requested for several information in order to assist him.

Mr Tiong was then instructed to settle the payment of 2 cents — via AXS of all mediums, which has a minimum payment of $5 per transaction.

Which now leaves him with a net loss of $4.98.

Let’s summarize Mr Tiong’s baffling experience so far:

  • Registered interest for iPhone X
  • Rejected due to mysterious fee of 2-cents from 2014 which was never mentioned
  • Frustrating customer service that left him hanging multiple times
  • Told to pay his fees – of 2 cents – at an outlet that only accepts payments of $5 and above

At least the issue was resolved and he could get his phone now, right?

Fee written off, $5 stuck in limbo

Not exactly. Just 2 hours after making payment, Mr Tiong was informed that his fee had been written off.

Which means his $5 was stuck in limbo – or “floating around somewhere” as he puts it – now.

He was also told that the reason StarHub hadn’t previously requested for payment was because you know, 2 cents wasn’t really worth chasing someone over.


Which is actually nice of them, but why in the world did it come up now?

What’s your 2 cents about this bizarre incident? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.