Annoying Behaviours By MRT Commuters That Really Ruin Our Rides

More gracious rides are still far from the norm on our trains. Despite the government’s best efforts, close to two and a half years after the release of the “Thoughtful Bunch” mascots and their showtunes, nothing much has changed.

Since a Reddit thread discussing the irritating behaviours of MRT commuters is gaining steam, we’ve picked out the best few comments to create our own version of MRT mascots, the Truthful Bunch. Unlike the overly-courteous Thoughtful Bunch, the Truthful Bunch are true-to-life representations of the 10 most irritating behaviours Singaporean MRT commuters live with on a daily basis.

Feel free to scroll through the next time you’re caught in an MRT delay. It may come sooner than you think.

1. Rush-Rush Hannah

She loves to fidget while queuing and will cut in front of you at the first opportunity.

Taking inspiration from those who feel a rush of adrenaline when cutting a queue, her naturally charming and kanchiong demeanor is sure to set you on edge every time.

PSA: Do remember that during the rush hour, everyone is basically Rush-Rush Hannah. So to ensure world peace, please summon your inner patience and stay in your queues.

2. Silent But Deadly Stacey

Gas who’s coming to town?

Au naturale Stacey believes in being true to yourself and your own unique personal odour. She loves to flaunt it on crowded trains because she gets a kick out of knowing that nobody knows it comes from her.

PSA: To be fair, most of us have been guilty of this at some point on our journeys. We’re only humans after all. In the event that you do let off a loud one, at least have the decency to apologise to your cabin mates.

3. Move Everywhere But In Martin

He turns every MRT carriage into a dance floor, especially when it’s crowded.

Move Everywhere But In Martin has made it his mission to touch nerves everywhere by refusing to move in because he wants to party in the middle of the MRT carriage.

You may just catch him performing in an empty centre of the MRT carriage near you. Be sure to arrive early to get the best viewing spot from the edge of the platform.

PSA: When boarding, please wait for everyone to alight first and remember to move into the centre of the carriage.

4. Bag-Up Benny

Bags not down for frowns all around.

Bag-Up Benny is all about cosplaying as a ninja turtle on trains in his free time. He also has no concept of personal space.

PSA: Placing your backpack down may actually allow one extra commuter to squeeze into the carriage. #BagFrontBenny is fine too.

5. Give No ***** Glenda

Make way commoners, my Gucci purse deserves its own seat.

Give No ***** Glenda has been dealing with haters her whole life, but she’ll never let that get her down. She loves to occupy at least 3 seats on the MRT even though she only pays for one.

PSA: Seats on the train are limited and it would be very kind of everyone to remember that they have only paid for a single seat.

6. Kid You Not Katy

Kid You Not Katy’s one regret in life is that she has way too many kids to handle. She will appreciate it if you don’t blame her for how her kids behave because frankly, there’s nothing she can do about it.

PSA: We understand that shepherding children on a train ride is no walk in the park. But the onus still rests on the parents to ensure that their kids are well-behaved in public. For the young ones, a pacifier works perfectly too.

7. Pole-Possessive Paula


In her youth, Pole-Possessive Paula missed an opportunity to become a global pole-dancing superstar. She makes up for it by choosing to occupy the entire pole in the train whenever she gets a chance.

PSA: The grab poles on trains are meant to be shared by everyone. For those who possess no consideration for others and love to hog the poles, we truly have nothing to say but “Excuse me, share please.”

8. Cough-Cough Chloe

Cough-Cough Chloe was the real patient zero of the SARS epidemic, but not many people know that because they fell too sick to paotoh her.

PSA: Even after the SARS epidemic, it sometimes seems like people are still not aware of their personal hygiene. It’s advisable to wear a mask on trains if you’re sick or at least to cover your mouth when you cough. If the commuters in Japan can do it, why can’t we?

9. Arms-Away Arnold

Arms-Away Arnold keeps everyone at arms length because he needs his personal space. You’ll commonly spot him reading newspapers on trains, especially during rush hour.

PSA: If you still read the newspaper on trains, you’re incredibly cool. Just please, keep your elbows to yourself, especially on a crowded train.

10. Road-Rage Roger

Road-Rage Roger is easily pissed off. Rush hour really gets to him and he has no choice but to take it out on his fellow commuters.

PSA: If you’re easily angered during rush hour, please find a healthy outlet to channel your emotions. Watching cute cat videos on your phone for example, could be just the healthy distraction you need.

A Joyful Ride For All

Clearly, the LTA still seems to think that the original Thoughtfulness Mascots are their best shot at educating Singaporeans on basic train etiquette. They have even greenlit a 35 minute musical and created figures for giveaways at the recent DTL launch.

So please, let’s all work together to create more pleasant train experiences for all Singaporeans. We have to send LTA the right signalling fault or we may be stuck with the same thoughtfulness mascots for the next few years.

Until then, a little thought brings out the smiles, and we can go for miles and miles and miles and miles.

Featured image from Tree Potatoes.