ITE Boy Being Bullied

Another video of boys bullying each other has surfaced, this time it seems like it comes from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

This comes after a Shuqun Secondary boy was caught on video slapping his classmate repeatedly. Read our story on the Shuqun slapping bully.

Kicked And Punched

In the more than 1 minute-long video, a youth in navy blue overalls is seen kicking and punching another boy who is crouching on the floor of the toilet.

The boy being beaten, wearing a white T-shirt and dark shorts, can be seen trying to fend off the blows. Laughter can be heard in the background.

The video then pans to the rest of the toilet, where more youths in blue overalls can be seen.

Here’s the video that has been making its rounds across the Internet:

ITE College East

Facebook user Soniya Raj, who shared the video on her account, also tagged ITE College East in the post.

It got 37,000 views, more than 3,000 shares and more than 500 comments in 2 hours.

ITE College East also acknowledged the video, and said it is investigating the incident.

The ITE later told The Straits Times that the attacker had been suspended. The boy who was beaten had also seen a doctor.

“ITE takes a serious view of the matter, and does not condone such acts,” said ITE College East principal Yek Tiew Ming told The Straits Times.

Netizens Outraged

Many other commenters on the video post were unsurprisingly outraged. Most blamed the attacker and called on the school to act:

Help Needed

We hope both the bullied boy and those who bullied him get the help that they need.

Featured image from Facebook