Student Alleges That He Was “Repeatedly Coaxed” Not To File Police Report Despite Wallet Theft

[UPDATE 28 Apr] Firas has reached out to us to clarify that the person who contacted his dad to return a wallet was an unrelated case concerning his brother. He confirms his wallet has not been returned till today.

Ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right?

Well, someone by the name of Firas Ali is having one of those weeks.

The student from ITE who lost his wallet, summed up the events that befell him over the past few days in a lengthy post on Facebook this Thursday (26 Apr).

He had his wallet stolen and thrown away by an antagonistic classmate named Benjamin.

Instead of facing punishment, he says he was allegedly “coaxed” to “falsify” details in his police report to protect the student.

We’ve provided screenshots of his post below, along with a summary of Firas’ narrative after the break.


The feud begins

Mr Firas and his friends were carrying out their routine of chilling at the school library.

While preparing for a spot of post-lunch video gaming on his phone, Firas leaned against a table for support, as no seats were available.

However, the table was also supporting the head of Firas’ classmate, a chap named Benjamin.

The impact of Firas’ posterior colliding with the hardwood table jerked Benjamin from his state of restfulness.

Unhappy at being prematurely awoken from his slumber, Benjamin told him off.


Firas hastily apologised and sat on the floor, leaving his wallet and bag on the table.

Upon leaving the library, Firas realised that his wallet was not with him. He rushed back to the library to look for it, but it was nowhere to be found.

Because – plot twist – Benjamin allegedly stole it.

Firas also asked around on WhatsApp and his social media platforms, but to no avail.

He then went around asking library and school staff, but had no luck.

But it wouldn’t take long for the news – that Benjamin stole his wallet – to reach Firas’ ears.

Mystery solved; problem begins

A few of the school’s Student Guidance Officers (SGOs) had solved the mystery ahead of Firas.

According to him, they saw Benjamin in the act of swiping Firas’ wallet, and spoke to him in the morning, before seeing Firas in the afternoon.

But Benjamin beat them to the punch and confessed to Firas that he was the perpetrator.

He also casually mentioned that he threw the wallet away, and wasn’t sorry about it.


He also revealed that another classmate – Malcolm – knew about the theft from the start.


He reported the situation to his sister, who said that she would swing by after work to speak to Firas’ teacher.

During class, he noted that Malcolm had been staring at him “the entire day” and posturing aggressively.

Getting heated, he went up to Malcolm. The pair proceeded to exchange queries about their respective desires.

Malcolm stood up and indicated that he wanted to punch Firas, who called his bluff by inviting him to punch him.


Hesitating, Malcolm stood still for a second too long and Firas turned his back on him while insulting him – the profanity presumably spurring him to action.

Malcolm threw a chair at him but missed and hit their lifeskills teacher, Ms Cindy.

The wrath of Ms Cindy, at least according to Firas

Apparently, Ms Cindy decided to place the blame squarely on Firas’.

At this point, Firas’ sister appeared with her boyfriend and helped to calm down an agitated Firas.

Ms Cindy decided to talk over the sister too, allegedly saying,

Firas it’s your fault who asked you to bang Benjamin’s table when his sleeping. You irritate people so you deserve what happened to you.

Firas’ sister attempted to berate Ms Cindy for not letting Firas tell his side of the story.

Ms Cindy allegedly replied that since her class was over, they were free to do what they wanted and that she couldn’t control her students’ actions.

Picture unrelated.

The whole thing was going nowhere fast.

Then, Firas’ sister’s boyfriend’s displeasure with the lack of progress boiled over.

He spoke to another teacher named Mr Yap who proved to be infinitely more reasonable than his counterpart.

A solution was worked out, where the boyfriend, Firas and Mr Yap would lodge a police report while everyone went back to their lives.

Some bullet points

At this point, Firas’ recollections became slightly self-referential.

He acknowledged the growing length of his post and summarised the next few days in bullet points.

  • He was constantly pressured to not make a police report.
  • As he had to replace his IC, he decided to do it anyway.
  • He was told to falsify several details in his report, to make it seem that he misplaced his wallet.
  • Firas and his father filed a police report against Benjamin and Malcom.
  • Eventually, it was agreed that Benjamin would reimburse Firas for the entire contents of his wallet.
  • In the wake of this compromise, the police report was dropped.
  • 2 weeks after he was due to return the sum of money, Benjamin went MIA.
  • His form teacher discovered that Firas had yet to recover his money.
  • An SGO spoke to Benjamin’s father.
  • Firas was informed that he would have to go through their lawyer if he wanted the money.

In a shocking twist, Firas’ father suddenly received several text messages and calls from an unknown number.

The person behind the number claimed to possess a wallet.


Turns out, this wallet return was for an unrelated case, concerning Firas’ brother.

This good Samaritan had texted Firas’ father out of the blue, and dropped it off at their neighbour’s house.

What comes next?

With Firas still not receiving the contents of his wallet, we’re unsure how events will transpire next.

More importantly, we do hope that the parties involved do come to a peaceful resolution soon, and that no more school thefts will happen.

Featured image from RSP Architects and Firas Ali.