Jack Neo Rolls Out Ah Boys To Men 4 And 5, We Cringe At Possible Storylines

Jack Neo is turning the Ah Boys to Men into a mini movie series. He just announced to media that Ah Boys to Men (ABTM) will push out not the film series’ 4th and 5th installments in 2017.

Ah, boy.

“My cast and myself have been hounded by fans who want more of the series,” he said to local media, confident that fans are not sick of the ABTM movie series yet.

But to be fair, Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen opened in cinemas in 2015 at $2.8 million, holding a record for highest-ever box office takings for an Asian film in its opening weekend in Singapore.

However, making any more sequels just sounds like a potential overload that might just drive a once-successful movie series into a crash and burn sellout.

Jack Neo told media that that the upcoming storyline will a ‘surprise’. We try to figure out some potential sequel ideas that Jack Neo could consider.

1. Ah Boys To Men: Special Forces



Singapore’s special forces are the army elite. They are the guys behind counter-terrorism and hostage rescue. Since the boys are spending so much time in the army, might as well be the best.

2. Ah Boys to Combat Rations Storeman



The gatekeeper on unlimited combat rations.

3. Ah Boys to Men: Detention Barracks

A whole movie about them getting into trouble. Storyline already available below, courtesy of SGAG.

4. Ah Boys to Men: New Volunteer Corps



Now everyone can join the army. Welcome a movie on the most diverse batch of enthusiastic soldiers, ready to fend the nation.

5) Ah Boys to Men: Reservist

11-indian_army_shed_smoking_hookah1c1940s Source

A movie about Pioneer Generation-worthy uncles sitting at the neighbourhood kopitiam reminiscing their younger days. Repeated cameos by the beer auntie.

6) Ah Boys to Ah Longs

Barack Obama Animated Dancing Throwing Money Gif_obama_ballin

With the amount of money to be made from endless sequels, who knows what vices the characters will get into.

7) Ah Girls to Women



Time to feature the tough-as-nails women, sans CB leaf jokes.

8. Ah Boys to CPF



Like Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, this one is filmed with the same batch of recruits who meet during BMT and spans their entire adult life till they finally claim their CPF and promptly blow it all at MBS and RWS.

Who will watch this? It’s a Jack Neo movie, everybody will watch this.

9. Ah Boys to Enciks



NS blossoms full circle when once recruits become Enciks, insulting new recruits with full satisfaction and suggestions of touching that tree over there.

10. Ah Boys to Sell Outs



Because too many sequels spoil the experience.

And viewer fatigue is a very real thing.

Just stahp. Plz.

The stop at 2 policy should be used for more than birth control. After all, the Ah Boys To Men franchise is already considered a success, let’s leave it at that.

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With reference from The New Paper