Remembering Jackie Liong

Jackie Liong Kuo Hwa, 37, was a man who had a life filled with drama – literally, as the actor scored roles in a slew of local dramas like Code Of Law (2012), Point Of Entry (2010), Sayang Sayang (2008) and First Class (2008). Here’s his Code Of Law show reel.

The Fatal AYE Accident

Sadly, Jackie Liong died on Monday (Dec 19) in a horrific crash that shocked Singaporeans. A Mercedes travelling in the wrong direction on the Ayer Rajah Expressway slammed into his Toyota Vios. He was the only fatality in the crash. Four others were also injured. The 53-year-old man behind the wheel of the Mercedes emerged alive, much to the outrage of netizens.

Jackie Liong accident comment

Here is a link to the video of part of the crash (Warning: graphic content):

Jackie Liong’s Appearances

Besides appearing in dramas, however, perhaps Jackie Liong may be most recognisable by viewers for being the everyman face behind TV commercials of well-known brands like KFC, CapitaMalls and OTO.

Here he is devouring a plate of KFC’s Zinger Chicken Rice.

Here he is proving he’s no chicken by doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (remember that trend that left us cold?)

Here he is channelling Korean star Psy in an ad for the OTO V Tone exercise device.

And here he is as the perfect boyfriend in this commercial for CapitaMalls.

After the victim’s identity was revealed, netizens have expressed regret that Jackie Liong will no longer be seen on local TV screens any more.


As for the Mercedes driver, businessman Lim Chai Heng, he was arrested on Monday. The police said he was driving towards the Tuas Checkpoint when he made a U-turn and went against traffic.

A witness who was at the scene, Nurul Zaidy, claimed on Facebook that the man’s son said his father was “under depression”.


But that did not stem the outrage at the man who cut short Jackie Liong’s life in a flash.


The Mercedes driver has been charged with causing death by reckless or dangerous driving.

Rest in peace Jackie Liong, you were gone too soon.

Featured image via Jackie Liong’s Facebook page