Jafri Basron says MP Amrin Amin offered him a job as a security guard despite his qualifications

Jafri Basron, a former Reform Party member, has put up a Facebook post claiming that Sembawang GRC MP Amrin Amin allegedly offered him a security guard job position when he went to seek help at a recent Meet the People’s Session. This, Jafri Basron went on to claim, was done without the PAP MP asking Jafri for his educational background and job experience. Jafri said that he was a civil servant for the past 20 years.

MP Amrin Amin has however clarified the situation in his comments. Starting his comment with Assalamualikum, which means peace be upon you, MP Amrin said that Jafri had come to him during the session asking for help. Turns out, Jafri had told him he did not have transport money to attend a job interview at a security company.

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Jafri has yet to reply to MP Amrin’s clarification.

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This is not the first time Jafri Basron has tried to stir a social media uproar. In October last year, Jafri upset Singapore netizens after he told Singapore women not to wear shorts in public because according to him, it “displays your level of moral value”.

As a result, he faced a uproar of angry comments, including this:



Looks like he still didn’t get it since then.

Moral of the day? Be careful with what you say online, people are watching.


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