Mobile Phone Store Manager Jailed For Two Years After Embezzling Over $142,000

A former mobile shop manager was jailed for two years for misappropriating $142,000.

Yeo Kang Hai, 26, has been stealing from the sales of mobile phones at the G Force Network store located in IMM shopping mall since January this year.

In July, Yeo sold more than 200 mobile phones to a third party who then exported them to Vietnam. He escaped to Vietnam and used the money to gamble and fund his expenses there. Yeo was caught by the outlet’s retail manager who then made a police report.

Yeo, the sole breadwinner of four children, was unable to return any of the money that he embezzled and pleaded guilty to committing criminal breach of trust.

Not All Shady Transactions Are Quickly Caught

This is something that would hopefully scare off other shady mobile phone retailers. The recent spade of unscrupulous salespeople has brought to light how underhand transactions can go unnoticed.

Yeo embezzled a huge amount of money before he was actually caught. But when he was caught, matters were swiftly handled. While his fraud was clearly a crime in the eyes of the law, other unethical businesses practices that may not illegal, are more difficult to clamp down on.

Some retailers employ unethical sales tactics like setting exorbitant prices, sometimes without the customer’s knowledge. Infamously, Jover Chew’s $1,000 “warranty” that led to a Vietnamese tourist begging for his money back shows the brutal harassment that can take place during a transaction.

Those in authority have a responsibility to clamp down not only on the transactions that are out-rightly illegal, but also those that are morally questionable so that rogue businesses do not get around legal loopholes.

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