Video Shows A Different Side Of Road Rage Incident

Warning: The video contains screaming. Please lower the volume before clicking play.

We’re all too familiar with the road rage case that occurred along Tanjong Katong Road in November last year. Biker James George Palin was recently sentenced to jail for 3 weeks for smashing the window of a Volkswagen, much to the glee of some xenophobic Singaporeans.

But a recent video that surfaced online shows a different side to the story.

It turns out that both drivers were in a reckless tussle to overtake each other, with driver Chiang Pak Chien speeding up to graze the wheels of Palin’s motorcycle. He did this twice before the Briton overtook the car and pulled over in front of it. The Briton was clearly infuriated that the driver had endangered not only his life, but the life of his pillion rider. Other drivers have also commented that this stretch of road was notorious for being particularly narrow and Chiang should never have attempted to overtake James.

Chaos ensued as James threw a punch at the window. Chiang looked to call the police and his then-girlfriend let out a hysterical scream.

Along with the window-smashing punch, Palin repeatedly hurled vulgarities and asked Chiang,“Are you trying to knock us off the road?”, to which there was no answer. He then rode off on his Ducati Streetfighter after delivering the K.O blow.

Wasn’t The Driver At Fault Too?

Palin was definitely in the wrong the moment as he let his temper get the better of him. There was no need to resort to violence or provoke fear in the situation. He didn’t even stop when Chiang’s then-girlfriend started shrieking.

And Chiang probably felt the pain receptors in his wallet immediately—after all it’s only in Singapore where maintaining cars can cost more than HDB apartments.

Up till now, no one seemed to question the actions of Chiang, which were also reckless and childish. Palin was on the right lane and would have had the right of way. The latter is now out on $15,000 bail while Chiang appears to have driven off scot-free. Chiang, in the comfort of his car, could have seriously endangered the biker and his pillion rider with all the rash driving and overtaking.

Netizens questioned if the law overlooked his reckless driving: eh the driver also very careless what?!!

— rahmat AS (@faultyatlarge) October 2, 2014

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Victim Or Perpetrator, Your Choice

The street-fighter style road rage ended but Palin is appealing his sentence. His mistake and defiance goes unquestioned, especially when a shriek of that frequency did not scare him off. But if James was punished for endangering lives, Chiang should also face the consequences of his part in causing the escalation.

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Images via: rahmat AS, All Singapore Stuff
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