Jamie Chua’s Insane Closet

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that Jamie Chua is a Singaporean socialite with a closet that rivals Princess Mia’s from The Princess Diaries. 

We’re talking hundreds of shoes, bags, and every girl’s best friend — diamonds.


You know what, Jamie Chua’s closet is possibly even cooler. She basically has a mini department store built into her house.

Lucky for us plebeians, Bonkers Closest gives us a first-hand look at her closet.  And it looks like everyone’s nosy and wants to know more about her trinkets because the video has more than 20 million views.

Which is honestly just insane, considering it’s literally a walkthrough tour of her stuff.

The items in her closet are worth so much money, her closet is protected by fingerprint access.

We’re sure you’re thinking that fingerprint access sounds ridiculous and unnecessary. Perhaps not so much, when you find out that one of her handbag’s is literally among the most expensive bags in the world.

Here are a bunch of other insane things you can find in Jamie Chua’s 65 square metre walk-in closet.

1. Most expensive bag in the world

Her prized possession is a Himalayan Birkin bag. Just how expensive, you might ask?

Well in 2016, a similar bag was auctioned off for about SGD$400,000. The bag probably costs even more now, compared to two years ago.


Potentially the most expensive bag in the world, the bag is made of Nilo Crocodile.

The complicated dyeing process of the bag reportedly adds to its value.

Although we’re not entirely sure any kind of leather could ever be worth $400,000, unless it’s made of dinosaur leather.

Not only that, this incredibly rare Birkin is encrusted with 245 diamonds, and Hermès only makes one to two of these bags every year, which explains why the price is so over-the-top.

2. 200 other Hermès bags

According to the video, an Hermès bag can cost anywhere between $8,000 and $300,000, and Jamie has two hundred of them.


She literally has a room lined wall to wall with Hermès bags in every colour, size, design, and leather one could possibly dream of.

Going through her bags, she picks up a Hermès Mini Pochette bag, which she describes as “useless” because it can’t fit anything more than “a credit card and a piece of tissue”.


That’s $11,800 worth of useless right there.

Erm, can she give us one of her useless pieces? We’d be happy to take it off her hands, for free.

3. 300 pairs of shoes

Jamie Chua has 300 pairs of shoes, and the video puts the average cost of a pair at $1,500.

Which means that she has about $450,000 worth of shoes. Now, that sounds more enticing than Cinderella’s single glass slipper.

On most days, she likes to wear designer sneakers, with this blinged out Roger Vivier pair costing $1,325.


Considering those are only her casual sneakers, you’re definitely going to be blown away when you see her dressy heels.

As the famous phrase goes, “no pain, no gain”. Her spiked $3,495 heels are definitely a great example of that.


She concurs, laughing about how “fashion is pain” considering she stabbed herself with the spike on her heel.

Uh, that’s definitely the kind of pain we don’t mind.

4. Gucci Fox Fur Coat

This one might not really appeal to animal lovers out there, considering it’s real fox fur, and not faux fur.

If you see yourself wrapped up all cozy in this fluffy bright pink coat, be prepared to fork out $19,000 for it.


Who would’ve even guessed staying warm had such a high price tag attached to it?

Considering it’s always varying degrees of warm in sunny Singapore, we’re at a loss for why she even needs this piece.

Especially if it’s a coat that makes the wearer look like the pink version of Sulley from Monster’s Inc.


5. Dresses on dresses on dresses

Okay, we need Jamie Chua to become our best friend ASAP so we can raid her closet.

She has rows and rows of dresses in her closet, pretty much for every occasion possible.


Her reason for having so many clothes is because she thinks that dressing nicely is a “form of courtesy” to the person she’ll be meeting.


She even has some outfits in multiple colours, like these glittery Chanel jacket dresses which costs $8,899 each.

She enjoys looking polished when she leaves the house just in case she runs into her worst enemy, which makes sense because no one wants to look crappy when meeting a #hater.

Her extensive collection even includes custom gowns that would put Disney Princess wardrobes to shame.


This Rami Kadi gown is around $27,000 and weighs a crazy 30 kilos because of all the heavy beadwork. The dress is so heavy she has a hard time lifting it up herself!

Closet goals

There’s absolutely no denying that Jamie Chua’s closet is 100% goals. Nothing sounds better than having that many shoes, bags, and dresses to pick from.

We’re honestly drooling with envy. Even Cher Horowitz, the original closet icon from Clueless would be jealous, by the look of things.


Now, we’re just wondering where we can send in our application to become her best friend so she’ll let us borrow some of her stuff.

We promise we’ll give it back — eventually.

Featured image from Facebook and Heritage Auctions.