Jaywalkers Who Appear To Ignore Accident On The Road Frowned Upon By Netizens

On the back of the unfortunate fatal SMRT bus accident in Choa Chu Kang involving a 6-year-old, another disturbing video has surfaced regarding jaywalking.

A viral dashcam video uploaded on r/Singapore’s Reddit thread Saturday (26 May), appears to depict a rather horrific scene of an accident along Khatib.

Here’s the video in full. We summarise it after the jump.

Before Khatib MRT

Around 6PM on Wed (25 Apr), a car is seen cruising along when a motorcycle speeds by on the left of the car.

At the same time, a jaywalker dashes across the road, meeting the motorcycle head on in a forceful impact.


She appears to be dressed in a grey T-shirt and maroon shorts, while the motorcyclist is decked out in black and a shiny blue helmet.

The impact

The impact knocks her against an adjacent Honda car.


However, she quickly gets up, and looks around for help. The motorcyclist, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to extricate himself out from the mess.

Onlookers did not seem to lend a hand

As the accident occurs, two other ladies – who intend to jaywalk as well – can be observed making an about turn on the edge of the left pavement.

The lady in pink who stepped out across one lane, turns around immediately.

Another lady in a white cardigan pauses to watch the aftermath of the accident.


She later appears to cross calmly, all the while staring at the scene.

The lady in pink hurries after her and makes it across the road safely.

Jaywalker reaches out to motorcyclist

Left with no other option, lady in a grey shirt who was knocked down, ends up reaching out to the motorcyclist instead.


While the lady in a white cardigan turns away and apparently focuses her attention on the next road she wishes to cross illegally.

Netizens weigh in

Some netizens pointed out that behaviour of the other jaywalkers who “just walk(ed) pass the street doing nothing” appalling.


Others opined that we may be too quick to pinpoint blame in situations like this, as perhaps “someone did help eventually”.


He did agree, however, that the initial response to “just carry on” is a “sad sight”.

As for whether the girl or the motorist was ultimately responsible for the accident, netizens were a mixed bag.


There were those who felt that the girl “didn’t even check oncoming traffic”, and that it was impossible for the motorcyclist to anticipate her actions.


While others saw “fault on both sides”, with the motorcyclist going too fast, coupled by the lady breaking the law by jaywalking in the first place.


Finally, who’s going to be responsible for the damages to the bike? Some felt it the onus was probably going to be on the motorcyclist, despite the dash cam video.


A little empathy goes a long way

Of course, these bystanders could have faced certain danger too, if they stopped along the road to help the victims of the accident.

But it’s nonetheless chilling to watch them walk nonchalantly by.

Although we’re not obliged to help others in need, offering to call the police or ambulance would be more than sufficient.

After all, a little empathy does go a long way.

Featured image from Reddit.