4 Pairs Of Junior Colleges Are Merging, And We Speculate On What Their New Names Will Be


8 Junior Colleges Are Merging Into 4

With a dwindling number of births resulting in falling enrollments, and fewer students choosing to take the junior college route after their O levels, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has decided to do what has never been done before — decrease the number of JCs by merging 8 of them into 4 by 2019.

JCs aren’t the only ones affected — 14 primary schools and 6 secondary schools are also going to undergo mergers as a result of this decline, reported Channel NewsAsia.

When selecting the JCs to merge, MOE considered the geographical locations of these JCs and the size of the campuses, so the JCs that are merging are in roughly the same part of Singapore. This was done to ensure that there is still a JC relatively nearby, regardless of where you live.

While the names of the new JCs have yet to be announced, we have come up with a few names for MOE to consider:

1. Yishun JC + Innova JC = Yishun Inn JC?

In the north, Yishun JC and Innova JC will be merged, and the new school shall occupy the current Yishun JC campus.

Yup, the Innova folks will soon be able to enjoy the delights of the most famous town in Singapore.


We think that while a name like Innoshun might sound good, it is better to be careful with the name here.

Since the school is to be located in Yishun JC’s premises in Yishun, it would be good to make it more obvious to people that the new JC will be located in the town that may have a wall built around it.

With a name like “Yishun Inn”, at least parents have no excuse not to know that they will be packing their precious children off to Yishun every morning.

The “Inn”, apart from being a nominal leftover from Innova JC, also servces to remind the public how short and fleeting was the life of Innova JC (founded in just 2005), where people came and went in a flash — just like in an inn.

2. Meridian JC + Tampines JC = Mempines JC?

In the east, Tampines JC will be moving in with Meridian JC at the current Meridian JC campus in Pasir Ris.


While “Mempines” may sound a bit vulgar at first, we think the name has its merits.

Pronounced as it’s supposed to be (meh-m-pines, not like the name of a male body part), it sounds like the name of a high-end resort — a combination of Club Med and Singapore’s The Pines resort.

3. Jurong JC + Pioneer JC = Juneer JC?

The two JCs in the west, Jurong JC and Pioneer JC, will merge and occupy the Pioneer JC campus in Teck Whye.


While residents of Boon Lay might be saddened by the increase in travelling time to the nearest JC, we think MOE can at least give us the privilege of calling it “Juneer” JC.

Won’t it be super cool to boast that you are from “Juneer” Junior College?

At least it’s better than its teenage students now being called the “Pioneer generation”.

4. Anderson JC + Serangoon JC = Anserson JC?

Lastly, the north-eastern giants Anderson JC and Serangoon JC will together form a new school, to be located at the Anderson JC campus in Yio Chu Kang.


Everyone goes to school to quench their thirst for knowledge, so why not name the school “Anserson”?

They’ll provide you with all the answers, son.


How About Eunoia?

It you think that these new names are lame, surely they can’t be any worse than the actual name of Eunoia JC, which isn’t going to be merged because they presumably don’t want to inflict that name upon anybody else?


Perhaps the merged JCs can be named Inoia, Theynoia, Wenoia and Henoia?

A Moment Of Silence

Luckily, the merging of the schools is not going to result in any loss of jobs for teachers, assured MOE. Teachers in the soon-to-be defunct schools will be assigned to the new schools or redeployed to MOE headquarters.

Moreover, MOE reports that it shall ensure that the history and heritage of the schools shall be made known to the incoming students of the new schools. MOE shall also work with the new schools to form a new school identity.

The 4 schools whose campuses will be vacated (Innova JC, Tampines JC, Jurong JC and Serangoon JC), will stop taking in new batches of students from 2018. 

Let’s have a moment of silence for the alumni, whose memories of their beloved alma maters will have to live on without their physical campuses.

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