Jessica Chastain ate a durian live on American talk show

We all know how much the female huntsman loves her durians by now.

During the movie premiere in Singapore, she was reunited with her all-time favourite fruit again!

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Found my favorite fruit! #durian

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This time, she managed to lug her favourite fruit all the way to America and shared it with host Jimmy Kimmel on ABC’s late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Unlike most Americans, Jessica Chastain did not flinch at the smell of durian

If you have yet to watch the snippet of the episode, here it is!

Jessica Chastain described the durian as the blue cheese of fruit, which scared Jimmy Kimmel a little.

She added,

“I love it though, it taste like onions and garlic, and avocado and pineapple kind of like in a custard.”

But Jimmy Kimmel begged to differ after he sliced the durian apart:


Sadly, he was greeted with a stench coming from our king of fruit.

After Jessica Chastain shoved a huge flesh of the durian into his mouth, he described the taste of durian to be “on the line between horrible and delicious”.

How dare you, Jimmy Kimmel.

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Featured image via Jimmy Kimmel Live