A Wild JJ Lin Appears

JJ Lin (林俊傑) was randomly shopping with his friend when he heard a busker sing his song 江南. I’m sure this happens many times to pop stars and they just ignore it because they just end up getting swamped by fans and can’t enjoy the rest of their day. But what JJ Lin did instead, was incredible.

First he acknowledged that the busker was pretty good and clapped for him.

The moment JJ started singing, a huge crowd formed and girls started running towards him. You don’t hear a voice like that everyday. It was 100% vocal perfection from start to finish.

And then instead of hogging the limelight – JJ Lin let the busker share the moment with him.

Now it may not be such a big deal if you’re thinking from the perspective of a normal shopper who happened to be there. But for the busker, this was everything. Many buskers are struggling musicians looking for that big break. Most give up.

This moment may have given him the encouragement he needed. It is something that will inspire him for the rest of his life. All thanks to a simple gesture JJ Lin made.

And it did help. Because this humble street artist now has over 40,000 fans on his fan page. I’m not sure how many he started with but in a few hours, his likes jumped by over 20,000.

今天在信義威秀街頭唱唱遇見JJ林俊傑還合唱了江南真的是我的大幸運 #林俊傑晚點附上影片在粉專

Posted by 練懿樂 on Thursday, November 19, 2015

More about JJ Lin

A friend who went to the same JC as JJ Lin told me he used to see him singing songs in the SAJC canteen, trying to perfect his craft from a young age. Not many people thought he would be super famous one day, he was like one of those random guitar singing friends everyone has.

But JJ Lin was different because he worked super hard and now deserves all the success he has. He has 2.4 million fans on Facebook – that’s like half of Singapore’s population. For those wanting to know more about the song sang, it’s a JJ Lin classic than many people like to sing in KTV. It’s called 江南 (Jiang nan)/River South.

Am so proud to know JJ Lin is Singaporean.

Oh, and then after that, JJ Lin calmly announced he was going to continue shopping. What a hero.