All hail the SG50 celebrity baby

Celebrity couple Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh shocked the public last September with their hush-hush wedding affair at Sentosa. Only close friends and relatives were invited – fellow MediaCorp artistes, producers, and managers did not attend the low-key wedding. Before tying the knot, the pair had dated for over a year, shortly after Peh broke up with her long-time beau, Bobby Tonelli.

The couple struck again this afternoon (28 January), announcing that Peh is more than three months pregnant with their first child. Just in time for SG50! MediaCorp has also published a press release to share the good news:

We are delighted to share that Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu are expecting their first baby. Parents-to-be Joanne and Yuwu waited until the “safe period” to share this happy news. They thank their well-wishers and fans for their care and concern.

Joanne had this to say: “Thank you, thank you. I am in good health and we both look forward to welcoming the new addition to our family.”

Please join us at MediaCorp in congratulating Joanne and Yuwu.

We’re overjoyed that Peh and Qi’s love has come to fruition, especially since Qi’s sexuality has been questioned by the media several times, with his coy replies prompting rumours that he was gay and that he was once with former-MediaCorp actor Xie Shaoguang. Their blissful marriage ought to shut the online trolls up.

To give our blessings to the first-time parents, we took the liberty to generate an image of how the couple’s future baby might look like:


But the kaypoh in us couldn’t help but wonder how Peh and Tonelli’s child would look like, if the couple eventually did get together.


Looks like both babies are likely to inherit Peh’s big eyes. Oh well.

We’ve also come up with a list of possible names for the baby, to save the couple from racking their brains. You’re welcome, Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu.

If it’s a girl, some possible names would be:

  1. Qi Yuzhu (Joanne won a Star Award for her portrayal of the character Huang Yuzhu in The Little Nonya)
  2. Vanda Qi (SG50 so must show some patriotism right?)

For the baby boy, we’re thinking along the lines of:

  1. Qi Shaoguang (yes, we’re going there)
  2. Tonelli Qi (got there, now need to take a bus back)

For convenience sake, here are some unisex names:

  1. Qi Bai (The next Wu Bai? Or maybe not. It sounds similar to a Hokkien vulgarity we’re all too familiar with)
  2. Qi Ji (Mandarin for ‘miracle’)
  3. Sentosa Qi (to commemorate their wedding!)
  4. Ferrero (the couple once referred to each other as chocolates)

One thing’s for sure – this baby’s arrival will garner as much fanfare as Fann Wong and Christopher Lee’s son, Zed.

Featured image via xinMSN
With reference to Channel NewsAsia, The Straits Times