10 Student Jobs That Pay Well And Need No Experience

Flyer distribution, data-entry work, prancing around in a mascot costume; I’ve done it all.

But the jobs that pay well usually require experience, and most of all, just scream boring.

Well, if you haven’t heard. Student jobs nowadays don’t actually have to be boring.

MustShareNews has got you covered with the top 10 most interesting, high paying, no-experience-required jobs in 2018.


Yes, you read that right. Nothing but the best jobs for you.

On top of the average pay and job scope, we share some exclusive pro tips you’ll definitely need to kickstart job applications.

1. Love food? Go behind the scenes as a cook.


Pay: $1750/mth (Marche), $1700/mth (Johan Paris), $1800/mth (Manhattan Fish Market)

Scope: Key tasks include preparation, cooking and presentation of the food. You’ll also have to comply with NEA safety and hygiene standards.

Pro Tip: Training will be provided. The kitchen is usually hot and stuffy, and you’ll be on foot most of the time. Consider yourself warned.

2. Like moving around town? Try out as a courier.


Pay: $1800/mth (KOI), $120/shift (ezbuy), $1800/mth (Dominos), $26/hr (Honestbee)

Scope: Get food to the doorsteps of the famished, or be Singapore’s Santa Claus and deliver long-awaited online shopping hauls to homes.

Pro Tip: Usually has a 6-day work week, but you’ll get to choose locations convenient for you. Some companies allow couriers to use bikes. Motorcycle users need to produce a valid motorcycle license.

3. No time to commit? Be an ad-hoc event helper.


Pay: $7-9/hr (Various Companies)

Scope: Assisting and educating customers on how to use products, distribute flyers, pull in the crowds. Opening and closing duties.

Pro Tip: You’ll be standing most of the time, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

4. Strong arms? Serve at banquets.


Pay: $8-$12/hr (Various Restaurants)

Scope: Balance a tray of piping hot dishes, portion it for guests at weddings or formal dinners, and make sure everyone has a pleasant meal.

Pro Tip: Sign up with your friends! Once you’re hired, the agency typically provides free training classes. You are typically required to bring your own makeup, shoes, hairnet and stockings when you report to work. Salary is usually paid at the end of the event.

5. Zai enough? Give tuition.


Pay: $30-50/hour

Scope: Help students with understanding their homework, answer questions, impart the best techniques to tackle exam questions.

Pro Tip: Impress one student, and you’ll get more students. Also try to offer one free trial, and get your parents to advertise for you. Don’t over promise on improvements in grades before you meet them. You’re a tuition teacher, not a magician.

6. Friendly and chatty? Customer service needs you.


Pay: $1600/mth (New York Skin Solutions), $1800/mth (Marina Bay Sands Spa)

Scope: You must be able to commit retail hours.

Pro Tip: If you have a pleasant disposition, enjoy organisational work and are confident in dealing with strangers, this is the job for you. However, you must be mentally prepared to deal with difficult clients once in a while.

7. Want staff perks? Become a retail assistant.


Pay: $1600/mth (Each A Cup), $1850/mth (KOI), $7.50/hr (Uniqlo)

Scope: Help out with operations, make drinks, take on cashier duties

Pro Tip: You sometimes get free food if it’s a F&B outlet. Or you’ll get to eat the leftovers that can’t be kept. Sometimes you’ll even enjoy exclusive discounts and first dibs on the latest products from your favourite brands.

8. Want to be famous? Audition to be an actor.


Pay: $10-20/hr (Various Films)

Scope: Act whichever role you’ve been allocated. Be it an ah beng, a nerd, a businessman or even a calefare.

Pro Tip: Typically student short film projects need actors, so spread the word about what you have to offer. Another way to find advertisements for such gigs are Facebook or through connections.

9. Are you an animal person? Be a pet sitter.


Pay: $10-$30/session

Scope: Walk dogs, pet sit in people’s/your own home. If you are adept in grooming, you can trim their nails and coat for a fee too. List your services on Pawshake today.

Pro Tip: This job would require travelling and ability to handle pets with varying temperaments and behavioural quirks. Remember to ensure your own safety first, and if you aren’t comfortable, decline the job.

10. Like children? Be a daycare helper.


Pay: $800-$1000/month

Scope: Duties include supervision of homework completion, spelling preparations and assessment coaching in elementary English, Math, Science and Mother Tongue.

Pro Tip: No matter how much it sounds like fun and games, but tutoring is no walk in the park. You must know how to be firm with children when they refuse to listen.

BONUS: Help SMRT direct people during MRT closures


Pay: $10-$12/hr

Scope: Duties include directing people to join the right queues when MRT stations are inevitably closed for servicing.

Pro Tip: Someone with a naturally jovial and positive disposition will be suitable for this job. May have to work long hours standing up. Taxi claims available.

Unfortunately the job opening seems closed now, but we’ll be keeping a lookout for the next time this happens.

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Whether you end up being an actor or a dog-sitter, you should know that any job is meaningful as long as you always give your 100%.

MustShareNews wishes you all the best in your job hunt and future endeavors.

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