Cost Of Travelling From Singapore To Johor Bahru

It’s no secret that many Singaporeans head across the Causeway to run errands, go for a massage or have a feast in Johor Bahru (JB).

With the favourable exchange rate, you’ve probably set aside money for the fun stuff.

But how much would you need to prepare for toll fees, bus fares and all the other nitty-gritty?

Here’s your comprehensive guide on the cost of going to JB from Singapore. By public bus and MRT, train or car and everything in between.

P.S. We also share pro tips like how to beat the queue at the Causeway.

1. Public Bus


The options are endless for this cheaper alternative. Choose from multiple bus services from different MRT stations and bus interchanges.

Taking public bus services operated by SBS and SMRT

  • $1.30/ one way journey on Bus 170X from Kranji MRT to Johor Bahru Sentral Bus Terminal (JBSBT)
  • $1.83/ one way journey on Bus 160 from Jurong East Temp Bus Interchange to JBSBT
  • $1.83/ one way journey on Bus 950 from Woodlands Temp Interchange to JBSBT


  • Suited for youths travelling to Malaysia with friends for a feast or massage.
  • Affordable fares.


  • Have to dismount the bus to clear customs. Bus queues may be insane if you time your visit on weekends or popular travelling dates.
  • Will have to carry whatever you buy back on foot — not so suitable for people planning to bring back armfuls of groceries.

2. Causeway Link Bus


Those who prefer a comfortable coach that is both clean and cost efficient. The buses pass through housing and industrial areas along the way.

Larkin Bus Terminal <–> Kranji MRT Station
Fare: $1.50
Larkin Bus Terminal <–> Queen Street
Fare: $3.50
Larkin Bus Terminal <–> Jurong East Bus & MRT Interchange
Fare: $4.00
Pontian – Gelang Patah <–> Jurong East
Fare: $4.00 + RM4.00
GP Sentral <–> Boon Lay
Fare: RM5.00
Sutera Mall <–> Gelang Patah <–> Jurong East
Fare: $4.00
Johor Bahru Customs <–> Newton Circus
Fare: $3.30
Larkin Bus Terminal <–> Boon Lay
Fare: $4.00
CIQ 2nd Link <–> Mall of Medini/Legoland
Fare: $4.00

Protips for bus riders

  • Fares are subjected to fluctuations depending on the day of the week.
  • Arrival times and the full range of fares can be found by clicking on the bus route.
  • Best suited for those who have specific destinations in mind like Legoland or Hello Kitty Town etc.
  • Guaranteed seat for the journey


  • Tickets must be booked in advance.

3. Train


The Shuttle Tebrau is the only train service that proceeds from JB Sentral to Woodlands Checkpoint.

Journey across the Causeway takes about 5 minutes.

Looking for the train schedule? We got you.



  • One way fare from Woodlands Checkpoint to JB Sentral is $5
  • One way fare from JB Sentral to Woodlands Checkpoint is RM5
  • However, a return trip bought in Singapore costs $10.

Want to save approx. $3.30 per ticket?

Book a one way from Singapore then book the return trip only when you have reached Malaysia.

However since tickets sell out fast, you risk not being able to make it home by your desired time. So if you aren’t a wondering backpacker and need the security, just purchase a return ticket at the start.

Protips for train riders

  • There is a puchase limit of 4 tickets per person.
  • Amendment of travel date or time is not allowed after tickets are booked.
  • Tickets are not available online, as of 1 Dec 2017.
  • Ticket only go on sale at 8.30am, the day before departure, exclusively at KTM Intercity counters


  • For those who seek an alternative form of thrill, this vintage train is something to try out


  • Advanced booking is necessary

4. Car


For those embarking on a self-driven trip via car, there are two ways to cross the border. Both methods require a 3/4 full petrol tank before leaving Singapore.

Via the Johor-Singapore Causeway (Woodlands)

Cost (Per Car) Purpose
S$1 Departure from Woodlands Checkpoint
S$6.76 (RM20) Road charge to enter Malaysia
S$0.98 (RM2.90) Causeway Toll
Free Return from Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex (JB)
Free Return from Woodlands Checkpoint

Exchange rate: S$1 = RM2.96 (accurate at time of writing)

Total cost: S$8.74

Assuming a sedan car capacity is fully filled (5 passengers), the cost per pax: $1.75

Average waiting time: 2 hours

Applies only to Singapore-registered vehicles. Cost showed in table is incurred in chronological order.

Via the Malaysia-Singapore second link (Tuas)

*Update (13 Feb): Malaysia has announced that for all vehicles excluding motorcycles using the Tuas second link, toll charges will be reduced during off peak hours by 47%-82%, depending on the vehicle class.

Non peak hours are as follows:

  • 10am to 3pm
  • 11pm to 5am
Cost (Per Car) Purpose
S$2.50/1.30 Departure from Tuas Checkpoint (peak and non peak hours respectively)
S$6.73 (RM20) Road Charge to enter Malaysia 
RM7.50/4 Road Toll in Malaysia (peak and non peak hours respectively)
S$2.50/1.30 Arrival from Tuas Checkpoint (peak and non peak hours respectively)

Total cost (Exchange rate accurate as of 13 Feb):

  • Peak hour travel: S$14.25 per car, S$2.85 per pax*
  • Non-peak hour travel: S$10.68 per car, S$2.14 per pax*

*Assuming a sedan car capacity is fully filled (5 passengers)

Average waiting time: 2 hours

Applies only to Singapore-registered vehicles.


Protips for drivers

Toll fees in Malaysia is to be paid using the Touch N Go pass, that can be purchased for S$3.38 (RM10). Cash is typically not accepted.

The price for one pass is S$3.58 (RM10.60) and the minimum reload is S$3.38 (RM10.00). The card can be bought at a booth within the JB checkpoint before entering; remember to filter your car to the right lane and park neatly.

The value in the card can be topped up at most petrol stations, supermarkets, ATMs and chain convenience stores in Malaysia.


  • Fanatic shoppers no need to lug their bags.
  • Most comfortable for those travelling with infants or elderly


  • There have been complaints about the waiting time to cross both checkpoints reaching 5 hours in total. Be there before the sun rises to beat the queue, or else be prepared to wait.

Protips for everyone

Want to make it the best road trip ever? We got your back.


Always remember:

  • Tuas Checkpoint cannot be accessed on foot.
  • Singapore law requires that your petrol tank be 3/4 full before crossing to other side.
  • Ron 97, the gas that foreign cars are allowed to pump in Malaysia, has an average price of RM2.58 per litre (as of 1 Feb 2018).
    • Prices are also subjected to 6% Government Service Tax.
    • This would be a good gauge to have when you’re looking around to pump petrol.


Personally I would choose bus as my mode of transport, since I can use my EZ-link card and standing throughout the journey doesn’t really bother me.

MustShareNews hopes these tips can make your journey to the other side fuss-free.

Time to start eyeing the Ringgit to Sing dollar exchange rate figures like a hawk.

So the next time you go JB trippin’, you’ll be making sure that it’s totally worth it.

Featured image from: YouTube, BookMyTaxi, Trevallog, CatchThatBus