7 Jolovan Wham Facts That Show A Different Side To The Activist

Follow us on Whatsapp for the latest updates Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates Jolovan Wham Facts Mr Jolovan Wham is back in the news. A long-time civil activist, the 38-year-old is no stranger to courts and criticism from some quarters. But this time, critics accuse him of being a much more serious charge: of being a traitor. The fresh criticism was sparked by Mr Wham’s meeting with Malaysian PM Dr Mahathir last week. Also at the meeting were historian PJ Thum, journalist Kirsten Han, award-winning graphic novelist Sonny Liew and former political dissident Tan Wah Piow. PAP MPs like Mr Seah Kian Peng have branded the meeting treacherous and questioned its intentions. While Mr Wham’s role in the meetings aren’t clear, his presence has generated intense public interest. So here are 8 facts about Jolovan Wham that show a different side to the activist. 1. He has a deep sense of justice Growing up with a domestic helper, Mr Wham was always aware of the power imbalance they faced. That awareness spurred him to action in his teens and he went on to major in Social Work at NUS. In an interview in 2017, Mr Wham said, As I got older, … Continue reading 7 Jolovan Wham Facts That Show A Different Side To The Activist