About Joseph Schooling’s Night Out

Home-grown swimmer Joseph Schooling recently made headlines after going out for drinks with his friends after the swimming programme ended. Two swimmers came back to the village drunk and had to be assisted by the police, which made headlines—slow new day, anyone? While everyone had something to say, poet-playwright Alfian Sa’at’s response trumps the rest. Here it is in full:

Alfian Sa’at’s Facebook Post

“And why is this even an issue? Who’s the tattletale who reported that the athletes went out drinking and supposedly returned to the Games Village drunk? Why is there no respect for the athletes’ privacy out of the glare of the Games arena? Why does it even warrant an investigation? Please lah, just let the ball drop on this one–nobody cares about any ‘disciplinary action’ being taken, except for some puritanical and uptight Singaporeans who get off on seeing ‘punishment’ done on anyone who are not like them.

Honestly, it’s not like the athletes did anything to embarrass Singapore, like, you know, fake-mouthing the words to the National Anthem on the winners’ podium.”

Here Are Some Noteworthy Reactions:

There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With Celebrating

Joseph Schooling and his fellow swimmers have brought our country glory, and it’s no mean feat to compete in the Asian Games and win gold, silver and bronze for three events. Schooling has been unwittingly cast as a role model, but he’s human too. He deserves some privacy and—believe it or not—to have some fun. It’s time start treating our athletes right instead of investigating him for a small matter.

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