Racial harmony is beyond what we see on posters and billboards

Four main races and a handful of minorities in Singapore.

On the surface there might not be any outward conflict of interests between different racial groups but deep down, there is always some underlying unhappiness and prejudices.

Joshua Simon, radio DJ at Kiss 92 FM voiced out his discontentment in a Facebook post — he claims that there is no diversity in terms of race in Singapore’s advertisements and the Chinese in particular, often gets featured.

The content of his post elicits the underlying prejudices and stereotypes we have for a race different from us, but here’s the thing: Joshua is right but not for the reasons he thinks it is.

There are many people like Joshua, who feels that a particular race is more favoured and superior over another. But Joshua is wrong for stereotyping the fact that only the Chinese race or a certain look is prominently featured in Singapore.

In fact, he is wrong for saying that Singaporeans do not talk about these issues. We do!

Change is happening in Singapore

Youths are trying to assimilate minorities into our society — change does not happen overnight but change is happening at this very moment.

And for the change to happen, people with similar mindsets to Joshua have to start opening up and be more receptive to subtle changes.

When we walk down Orchard road, what do we really see?

We see massive posters of Caucasian models plastered all over buildings and side walks but in the retail stores we see people of different races attending to customers.

Joshua said:

As a young kid growing up in Singapore, I’d never see someone of my skin color rocking ads and headlines unless it’s Singapore Idol Season.

And that’s a thing of the past because the idea of beauty is breaking boundaries. Now how many of us have seen this dashing poster of Izwan Mahbud, the Captain, LionsXII (2015) Football Team plastered all over the MRT station?


In Singapore, it’s safe to say that we’re judged by merit

Joshua wrote:

Racial Harmony isn’t just about us getting along. It’s equal opportunities. Equal chances to shine. I wanna see diversity.

And diversity is happening!

In Singapore we do not have a more privileged race like our neighboring country. Everything we achieve is based off our merit, the benefits we receive from the government is because we are citizens of Singapore.

Well, Joshua might rebut and say:

I couldn’t entertain my first ambition of being an actor coz every role (although said open to all races) would go to the man with the Singaporean Look.

We are not sure if Joshua is not selected because of his race but what if the man with the Singaporean look got the role because he is more suited?

Change has to start with our mindset, perhaps it is time we stopped blaming our mishaps over our race and culture and start working on things we can improve on with hard work.

In Singapore, there may still be underlying prejudices and stereotypes but the opportunities we are not entitled to are rarely or most often not because of our race.


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Featured image via Kiss92/ Facebook