Drunken Destruction

We’ve heard of drunken driving, but this woman apparently took it to the extreme — she did so with someone else’s vehicle.

The result was a trail of destruction left along Orchard Road early on Tuesday (Feb 21) morning, and her arrest by the police.

#ThugLife? Apparently not, after she was reduced to a blubbering mess by the roadside upon her arrest.

Take a look at part of her handiwork:

drunk woman orchard (7)Drunk-woman-lorry-1Source


Bus driver Edwin Teo posted on Facebook that the 28-year-old woman, allegedly drunk, took a delivery man’s lorry outside Orchard Towers for a “joyride”, hitting multiple vehicles along the way, including Mr Teo’s bus.

Mr Teo also told The Straits Times that the woman had tried to open the door of a car, but failed as it was locked.

She managed to get into the lorry as it had been left unlocked by the driver, who was making deliveries.

Giving Chase

Mr Teo said he witnessed the lorry driver giving chase to the woman with his trolley, and even helped by picking him up in his vehicle.

During the woman’s spin, she knocked into at least 5 vehicles and spilled the lorry’s goods all over the road.



The police later arrived and arrested the woman. The whole incident took less than 30 minutes.


Here’s a video where she is seen being reprimanded:

The woman seemed repentant, though, and was seen sitting on the kerb by the side of the road, crying.


See this video, where she is whimpering: “I’m sorry, police man.. Police man, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. (inaudible)”

Netizens’ Responses

Commenters on Facebook were typically savage, with a few slamming the woman and saying that she deserves punishment.


This one referred to the 100Plus logo on the side of the lorry:


Others pitied her for making a mistake:


Of course, some saw the funny side of things:


While others warned of the dangers of leaving your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition:


One referred to the bottles of Ice Mountain mineral water left strewn on the road with an eye on the recently announced hike in water prices:


While this poster had the most LOL-worthy comment ever, while alluding to a very famous part of Singapore:


Good News, Bad News

The good news is that no one was injured. The bad news is that somebody will have to pay for the damages, and that woman may have to bear the consequences for this lapse of judgement for quite awhile.

The police are investigating the incident.

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