Jurong MP Dr Tan Wu Meng Didn’t Let Attack Stop Him From Helping Residents In Need

Jurong GRC Member of Parliament (MP) Tan Wu Meng is unlikely to forget Monday (16 Apr) night anytime soon.

That evening, he was attending to residents at his Meet-the-People (MPS) session in Clementi when a young man rushed in and started hitting him with his fists.

The incident occurred at about 10pm, more than 2 hours after Dr Tan’s weekly MPS session at Block 334, Clementi Avenue 2 began.

Dr Tan recounted the incident to various news outlets, saying,

One moment I was speaking to (a) resident and the next thing I knew someone was hitting me and I found myself on the floor.

Residents and volunteers at the MPS restrained the attacker, but Dr Tan still suffered bruises on his arm and abrasions on his neck.

Putting duty before health


While most of us would have made a dramatic exit to the hospital after an attack like that, Dr Tan chose to continue his MPS for a while before going to the hospital.

He says,

I wasn’t keen to go but the police and SCDF advised me I should be evaluated at the A&E (Accident and Emergency department).

At the A&E, a doctor gave him the all-clear to return to the MPS and Dr Tan continued writing appeal letters for residents, including his attacker.

Dr Tan told The Straits Times,

This gentleman had only come to the MPS once before, about a year ago, and we didn’t get a chance to interview him this time before he started hitting me, but we were able to piece together what his current problem is. I can’t share what it is, but we wrote an appeal for him anyway last night. So I also hope whatever difficulties he’s facing, he finds his way and things work out for him.

The police have since arrested the attacker and investigations are ongoing.

Dr Tan has no plans to beef up security at his MPS, pointing to the CCTV cameras present in the room.

He shares,

Our interview area is what we call an open form area, it’s a room with many tables where many volunteers meet residents at the same time and I go table to table to meet as many residents as possible. So when something happens there is always someone nearby.

The case is under investigation

While we can’t be sure that the attack was politically-motivated, the incident is a grave reminder of what could happen if we resort to unnecessary violence.

In a worrying development, some netizens have even come out to praise the attacker for his actions.


We can all definitely agree that such comments should be condemned — for no one should be attacked while simply doing their job.

We wish Dr Tan a speedy recovery from his injuries and that this unfortunate case will be resolved soon.

Featured image from Facebook.