Jusuf strikes again

Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla has something to say.


This time, he praised Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for proposing ways to solve the haze crisis, instead of simply criticising the country. He added that neighbouring countries should take a leaf out of Najib’s book.

Hmm… are we oversensitive or is Jusuf referring to Singapore?

After all, our ministers took to Facebook to slam Indonesia for the haze. But hey, let’s not forget Singapore’s offer of help, only to have Indonesia flip-flop on their decision.

Or maybe he’s still upset about us not thanking him.


Najib’s visit

Earlier this month, Najib made a two-day visit to Indonesia and met with Indonesian President Joko Widodo to talk about the haze problem and to seek cooperation in the oil palm industry.

Jusuf alluded to Najib’s visit, saying:

Indonesia is thankful to Pak Najib and everyone, there is formal agreement at the ASEAN level on the (forest and estate) fires … (and) if necessary to resolve the problems together, Indonesia is grateful for the joint efforts.

Najib also suggested that Indonesia could look into building tube wells to help control fires, which has worked for Malaysia. President Widodo said he would send a team to examine how the wells in Malaysia work.

Jusuf’s interview with Malaysian news agency Bernama

In a recent interview with Malaysian news agency Bernama, Jusuf said:

The question of the smoke (haze) for Indonesia poses serious problems because most of the people affected are in Sumatra and Kalimantan in Indonesia … we can’t control the wind, nature controls the wind and carries the smoke to Singapore and Malaysia.

He also went on to say that neighbouring countries should help one another in times of difficulty. Similarly, Indonesia has provided neighbouring countries with fresh air from its forest in good times.

As neighbours, we can benefit together, we enjoy whatever is positive and when there are problems, we face them together. If the air is good, we have clean energy, clean weather … Malaysia also benefits from the forest in Indonesia, but if there is smoke, what can we do? We work together in good and bad times.

Remember to thank Jusuf Kalla

Now that we’ve had a brief respite from the haze thanks to yesterday’s thunderstorms thanks to Jusuf Kalla, don’t forget to thank him here.


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Featured image via Merdeka/ Malaysia Chronicle

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