Khaw Boon Wan Says LTA and Ministry Of Transport Not At Fault For MRT Tunnel Flooding

During Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s Ministerial Statement in Parliament on Tuesday (7 Nov), it was revealed that the salaries of SMRT’s senior management will be under review.

SMRT Chairman Mr Seah Moon Ming revealed that the Board will be reviewing the remunerations of its senior management — from the CEO all the way through the relevant chain of command.


However, if you’re hoping for staff from the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) to go through a similar review as well, we’re afraid we’ve got some bad news.

Because Mr Khaw himself pretty much confirmed that their salaries would not be affected.


Negligence in Bishan’s team

Mr Seah previously stated publicly that the SMRT had zero tolerance for failures in supervision and diligence over maintenance tasks.

They then undertook a comprehensive audit of maintenance records and practices to uncover any lapses or impropriety.


It was then revealed that 7 Oct’s MRT Tunnel Flooding was a result of the maintenance team’s negligence and dishonesty, SMRT immediately replaced then-Vice President Ng Tek Poo — who was heading the Building and Facilities maintenance group in charge of Bishan’s pump.

LTA and Ministry of Transport not at fault

This prompted Workers’ Party Non-Constituency MP Leon Perera to question whether the incident would affect the pay of staff from the MOT as well as those from the Land Transport Authority tasked with overseeing the MRT.

To which Mr Khaw shot down by replying that both the MOT and LTA had done their jobs properly.

He added that the responsibility of rail maintenance – as well as the flood prevention systems – belonged to the operators under SMRT instead.

He also stated that even though LTA requested from the operators to provide a list of pumps that required replacing, the flood had taken place before that.


Hence, the LTA and MOT did nothing wrong.

Truth or tai chi?

Do you agree with what Mr Khaw said?


Is he right in saying that the MOT and LTA weren’t to be blamed for the incident, hence the lack of remuneration review?

Or is this simply yet another demonstration of tai chi and passing the buck to someone else?

You decide.

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