Transport Minister’s quitting, but we already have a ready-made replacement

…and she comes with her own issues.

So today (11 Aug), Minister of Transport Lui Tuck Yew has announced that he will not stand for re-election in the upcoming General Election, bring an utterly uneventful 4 years as Transport Minister to a close.

And we think there may be a ready-made replacement waiting to take over.

In a recent press stop, National Solidarity Party’s (NSP) Kevryn Lim mentioned that the transport issue is something that she wants to campaign on.

Sure, she might not even be confirmed to be running, but the transport issue is something close to her heart. And if she can’t solve something close to her heart, who can?

Tributes from PM Lee

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong quickly wrote an impassioned Facebook update, thanking Minister Lui for his hard work and achievements.

The Straits Times article about Minister Lui’s retirement comes with an exchange of letters between the PM and Transport Minister, but this tweet tells you the only line you need to know.

That’s right, the process is expected to pan out completely unlike that of the train system.

How about this guy instead

Or maybe the PM should have a look at Jay Tan too.

Anybody with this kind of passion for trains really ought to the recognized.

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