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This post is a follow-up of the 20 Potential Candidates to look out for in the coming General Election.

Things have been moving quickly for Kevryn Lim and the National Solidarity Party (NSP).

Earlier this year, NSP subtly unveiled the 26-year-old in their community walkabouts.

Last month (June 2015), Ms Lim released a public figure profile on Facebook.

President of the NSP, Sebastian Teo introduced Ms Lim as an active volunteer with the NSP. Mr Teo further added that Ms Lim is in charge of the NSP’s social media communications, and is a member of the NSP Youth Wing Organising Committee.

Although Ms Lim has not been officially unveiled as a potential new candidate, she has already gained a lot of popularity and media attention, largely because of her close association with former NSP candidate Nicole Seah, as well as for her looks and her history of modeling.

MustShareNews caught up with Ms Lim to talk about her background, her passion in politics and modelling, and what she thinks about Nicole Seah.

Having a rational mindset towards Singapore’s politics

At the age of 17, Ms Lim began her travelling around the world, where she had to shuttle in and out of Singapore over the past 10 years.

Traveling extensively around the world allowed Ms Lim to shape her views about the Singapore political and social structure.

Ms Lim opinionated that even developed countries like Singapore consists of people who falls through the cracks and are deprived of the opportunities and the benefits of living in a developed country.

The founder of events company EM.DM further questioned the transport policies in Singapore and suggested that Singapore could learn a tip or two about the public transport system of our friendly neighbour, Australia.

One thing we can learn from Australia is part of their transport initiatives. If you are travelling within the city area [in Australia], you do not need to pay any bus fare. If the Government is encouraging Singaporeans to make use of public transport, why aren’t there policies and initiatives that are introduced to support — instead of increasing bus fare and building of more Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries.

– Kevryn Lim

Why indeed? @Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew


Ms Lim also opinionated that the biggest challenge that opposition parties in Singapore faces is an uneven playing field set by the ruling party since opposition parties are often perceived as a threat to the ruling party.

[Oppostion parties] have hands tied behind, and the goalpost is constantly shifting.

– Kevryn Lim

However, Ms Lim was also quick to point out that the Government of Singapore has done well in many aspects — such as the stability of the political structure,

Comparing to Hong Kong, definitely, Singapore has a more stable political structure. There are no riots and protests every now and then, which I actually participated and try to experience it when I was living in Hong Kong. I definitely would not want to see [riots and protests] in Singapore.

– Kevryn Lim

and the various initiatives that the Singapore government implemented for the Senior Citizens.

I think one of the best policies introduced are the various initiatives that have been introduced to benefit our senior citizens. NSP has fought very hard in the 2011 election for our senior citizens and I believe without their perseverance, we would not see this initiatives implemented today.

– Kevryn Lim


Time for the younger Generation in Singapore to make a change

A sense of anticipation that the time has finally come for Singaporeans to shape the society urged Ms Lim to enter Singapore’s political scene. The potential electoral candidate also wishes that her entry into politics will help to inspire the younger generation of Singapore to be more involved in the political scene of Singapore.

I felt that finally, there’s a chance for us to have a say. I would like to create awareness and interest of the younger generation to start contributing politically and be more proactive as they are the future of Singapore.

–  Kevryn Lim

As a Member of Parliament, Kevryn will……

take up the post as a full-timer if she gets elected — she emphasised that serving Singaporeans is the main reason why she is interested in contesting for the General Election.

I will be a full-time MP as this is the reason why I chose to stand for election. I am here to serve the people and they will be my priority. The people are the ones who build this nation, without them; there will be no Singapore. Therefore, I think that it is very crucial for me to understand them better and help in any possible way.

– Kevryn Lim

However, Ms Lim has not ruled out balancing between matters of her company and her Member of Parliament duties should she get elected, and she is confident that she will be able to manage between the two duties.

After all, this is my company, I can always hire more people to manage it but you can never get a replacement to serve the people. We have many MPs who are also juggling with several positions and MPs holding over 60 directorships; I only have 1 company to manage as compared to them. If it is not a problem [for them,] I don’t think it will be one for me.

– Kevryn Lim

Ms Lim also underlined the importance of solving income inequality in Singapore.

I find that there is an urgent need to provide a balance between our national issues and social welfare therefore I will focus to address income inequality in the Parliament.

– Kevryn Lim

One reason on why she wishes to address income inequality is because of the senior citizens, whom Ms Lim described as “the root of Singapore”.

The country and society is progressing in a very rapid form in the past 5-10 years, leaving them [senior citizens] behind and struggling to catch up with the change. They have contributed enough to the growth and development of the country and now it is time for them to enjoy their fruit of labour comfortably without having to worry when the next meal is and where they have to sleep.

– Kevryn Lim


Being associated with Nicole Seah

Ms Lim is happy about being associated with Nicole Seah.

According to Ms Lim, the former NSP member was also a source of inspiration to venture into politics and represent the younger generation.

Being my senior, she has inspired me a lot, to represent the young generation and make them realize that they have a say in Singapore if they want to.

– Kevryn Lim

Ms Lim was quick to remind us that her and Ms Seah are not exactly the same, but they both do share the same passion to bring a change to Singapore through politics.

I believe that Nicole and I have our own strengths and personality. But one thing in common is that we are here to make a difference, we dare to change

– Kevryn Lim

Source, Source

Her modeling passion

Having studied Fashion Design and done modeling, Ms Lim’s passion includes modeling.

She acknowledged all the hoo-ha that have been going around about her previous modeling career and opinionated that she is proud of her modeling career.

I am proud to say that I am a model and I love what I’m doing.

I like to live my life the way I want and hope to be respected for it. Modelling is not a shameful career. At the very least, I live with no regrets.

– Kevryn Lim

Ms Lim still models part time today.


Final Word

Having finally returned to Singapore after travelling the world for the past 10 years, Ms Lim is looking to represent Singaporeans and to make a difference in through politics.

I am young and politics is a marathon. You need to have the stamina and perseverance to run the race. It is not just a short 100m sprint. I have a passion in volunteering since young and even now I am still trying to make a difference and balance out the inequalities in our society. I hope Singaporeans can give me a chance to prove myself. 

– Kevryn Lim

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s potential General Election candidate from NSP, Kevryn Lim for you.

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