Who is Kevryn Lim?

On 27 May, the National Solidarity Party (NSP) created a hoo-ha when they held their Meet & Greet session at Serangoon Central with a lady who is said to be the new Nicole Seah.

Her name is Kervyn Lim, and she was quiet about her status until 16 June, when she unveiled her official public figure Facebook profile on the NSP’s Facebook page.

However, her new Facebook profile doesn’t quite reveal her genuine background. Kevryn’s old Facebook profile is still available although she had taken down some information.

It is confirmed as at 1 September 2015, Kevryn Lim will be contesting in the 2015 General Election at the Sembawang GRC for the National Solidarity Party (NSP) with fellow party members Spencer Ng, Abdul Rasheed, Eugene Yeo and Yadzeth Haris.

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MustShareNews.com presents 11 things that you should really know about her, including information she doesn’t want you to know.

1. She is a single mom

Aside from wanting to champion on transport issues, Kevryn is also interested in championing for single mother issues, because…..



Here is an interview on Kevryn talking about the challenges of being a single mum in Singapore —

2. She is basically the new Nicole Seah

She’s young, smart, and pleasant looking.

She’s in the National Solidarity Party, and she has done walkabouts in Marine Parade.

She’s basically the new Nicole Seah.


3. She’s Smart

Kevryn graduated from the Curtin University in Hong Kong with a Masters in Professional Communication.

Prior to her graduate studies, she studied Fashion Design & Product Development at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


4. She can speak 5 Languages

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, and Hokkien.


5. She used to be a Model

Kevryn was a model during her younger days. We found out that she had edited her modelling portfolio.

At 12 June:

kevryn lim portfolio1Source

At 17 June:


Looks like Kevryn has matured in just 5 days.


Her modeling portfolio can be found here.


Also, she was also a contestant for the 2013 Sexy Mandarin Singapore Model Search. Sexy Mandarin is a controversial company that provides online tuition services for Mandarin Chinese language taught by scantily clad female models.

6. She can talk, like really

Kevryn worked as an online Radio Presenter for Radio Television in Hong Kong for a year.

7. She clubs….


…… in her younger days.

Finally a potential Member of Parliament to connect with the younger generation?

8. She runs her own a start-up

She currently runs, EM. DM, which opened in April 2015.

Her firm provides services in event management and digital marketing.

kevryn lim emdmSource

9. She may have a questionable relationship track record

A glance at her previous Facebook shows a questionable relationship track record.






Today? She’s single and available.


10. She is the Co-Founder and President of a Youth Leadership programme.

Kevryn co-founded the Curtin Student United Way. It is a program that consisted of students who work toward advancing the common good in areas like education, environment, health.


However, the Curtin Student United Way looks like an defunct organisation today, upon visit to their Facebook.

11. She has a big heart

Kevryn Lim was an active student volunteer.

She volunteered at the Activ Foundation for a year and went on a volunteer trip for two months in Central America.

She’s pretty √
She’s smart  √
She volunteers √

Guys be like —

jeremy renner reaction gifSource

Will we be seeing more of her?

Definitely! (at least for the next few weeks) — Kevryn Lim will be contesting at the Sembawang GRC, where she will be facing a People’s Action Party all-guys squad helmed by National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

There will be opinion from the electoral public that Kevryn was selected mainly because of her sex appeal, but she doesn’t seem like a dud either.

Meanwhile, let’s just admire her like the creeps that we are.


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