KFC Pranks Singaporeans With The Double Down Reveal Campaign

Someone call Ashton Kutcher, we got punked by KFC.

On 14 Aug, the fast food restaurant chain posted this mysterious teaser on their official Facebook page.

Needless to say, Singaporeans island wide instantly recognised the familiar silhouette as KFC’s signature Double Down burger and were ecstatic for its return.



With over 500 likes and 800 shares since the release, citizens were clamouring to once again sink their teeth into the zinger fillets.

Shock, surprise, and confusion

Which is why they were understandably disgruntled when it was revealed 2 days after that the mysterious burger was instead the launch of KFC’s brand new Double Steamed Chicken.

Described as 2 pieces of steamed chicken fillet with healthy ingredients such as coleslaw and sauerkraut in between, many were horrified and aired their frustrations in a way only Singaporeans can.

By leaving a nasty comment online.



Needless to say, followers on their page were calling for the return of its fried counterpart instead.


Bamboozled Again

Sorry, not sorry.

Just a day after announcing the steamed chicken burger, KFC revealed that the entire stunt was just a prank as part of their #SorryNotSorry campaign.

In their latest Facebook post, they officially announced the return of the fan-favourite double down burger.

In addition, they introduced a brand new option to accompany the returning favourite as well: the KFC Hawaiian Double Down.

With the inclusion of a slice of pineapple and BBQ sauce, fans in Singapore are sure to be satisfied with the zesty new addition.

Check it out here.

Available at all outlets island-wide from tomorrow (18 Aug) onwards, the burgers will be available in either boxes or meals.

For more information, you can check out KFC’s official website.

What a roller coaster of emotions this week has been.

Thankfully, it seems as Singaporeans are taking the prank lightly.


Who said Singaporeans don’t have a sense of humour.

Featured images from Wikipedia and Facebook.