Kiss 92 FM DJs Have Somehow Managed To Be Racist About Lack Of Sleep


Kiss 92 FM DJs Offend Listeners

Hordes of people tune into morning radio shows as they drive to work. So you would think the DJs hosting these shows would be a little more sensitive about what they say “live”, considering Singapore’s multireligious, multiracial society? — Wrong.

According to listener Raeesah Khan on her Facebook page, the erstwhile hosts of the Kiss 92 FM morning radio show “Maddy, Jason & Arnold in the Morning” were talking about a recent study by SingHealth Polyclinics that found that 44% of Singaporeans don’t get enough sleep on weekdays. So far so good.


Going Downhill

But their comments took an ill-advised turn, according to Raeesah.


The study had reported finding that six in 10 Chinese had sufficient sleep, compared with about four in 10 Malays and Indians.

“They expressed SURPRISE that Chinese people got more sleep, and that Malays and Indians don’t get enough sleep. THEN they talk about how Malays and Indians work less, and go out and party but Chinese people had to send their kids to school and go to work early.”

She was referring to DJ Maddy Barber, who had brought up the study, and co-host Jason Johnson, who chimed in. Arnold Gay didn’t seem to have much of a part to play in this suicide mission, she said.

Furious Responses

The response to Raeesah’s post has been furious, with many condemning the hosts and saying they would write in to the station, which is under Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Radio.





If what Raeesah said is correct, we haven’t a heard a more racist thing said in public since a Singaporean MP called the denizens of Little India “walking time-bombs”.

We would be disappointed in Kiss 92 FM, especially since another DJ from the station questioned the lack of racial representation in local media – I’m sure this isn’t the type of “racial representation in the media” he envisioned.


Update: DJ Maddy has issued an apology on the Kiss 92 FM Facebook page:

We’re not sure why DJ Jason Johnson isn’t saying anything publicly, though, leaving Maddy to do the neccessary.

Is It Enough?

For their sakes, let’s hope the apology will be enough to appease outraged listeners – or the DJs may need to prepare to pack their bags and fly to Perth, like the infamous Anton Casey.

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