Some coffee shops raise the prices of a cup of coffee by 20-30 cents

You might want to take a seat, while you sip your kopi-C for this.

More than 100 coffee shops in Singapore have increased the prices of coffee and tea because of rising rental and manpower costs.

Chairman of Kheng Keow Coffee Merchants Restaurant and Bar-Owners Association Thomas Foo said the reason is that every worker earning under $4,000 has gotten a $400 increment, and that landlords are raising rents by 10 to 20 per cent each year.

A cup of coffee from their outlets have risen from $1 to $1.30.

At NTUC food outlets, the price of coffee has gone up by 20 cents. 12 of its food courts are charging $1.60 for a cup of coffee, from $1.40 previously. Seven of its coffee shops are selling coffee for $1, from $0.80.

Kopitiam however, will not pump its coffee prices. It says that it will provide more training for staff and hire workers under temporary arrangement to counter manpower costs.

Thank you Kopitiam, for not raising the price of the local brew that powers Singapore every morning.


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Featured image via Where To Eat
With reference to Channel NewsAsia