Korean Makeup Brands Like Etude House, 3CE & Skinfood Have Recalled Their Products With Overly High Levels Of Antimony

Before you pick up your favourite eyebrow pencil from Etude House, you may wanna check its serial number and expiry date first.

13 products have been deemed unsafe by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KMFDS) on Monday (19 Mar), as they contain excessive amounts of antimony.

For the uninitiated, antimony is a harmful heavy metal substance which may cause eye irritation and gastrointestinal disorders above 10 micrograms/gram.

8 Korean makeup brands affected regionally

Currently, the eight popular makeup brands called out by KMFDS include:

  • Etude House
  • Skinfood
  • 3CE
  • Aritaum
  • Makeheal
  • XTM Style Homme
  • Black Monster

All of which have ordered a regional recall, effective immediately.

AmorePacific – responsible for brands like Etude House, Aritaum, innisfree and Laniege – has withdrawn products from over 270 Etude House and Aritaum outlets overseas.

List of affected products

Here’s the complete list of affected products, so you’ll know which you should probably remove from your makeup routine as soon as possible.

1. Etude House – AC Clean-Up Mild ConcealerSource

2. Etude House – Drawing Eyebrow Duo#03 Gray Brown

3. Skinfood – Cherry Full Lip Liner (Rose Cherry)Source

4. 3CE – Slim Eyebrow Pencil (Chestnut Brown)Source

5. Aritaum – Full Cover Stick Concealer (2g)#01 LightBeige & #02 Natural Beige

6. Aritaum – Full Cover Cream Concealer (2.5g) #02 Olive Green & Pink, #01 Light Beige/Natural Beige



7. XTM Style Homme – For Men Easy Stick Concealer (2.2g)Source

8. SKEDA – Homme Spot ConcealerSource

9. Makeheal – Naked Slip Brow PencilProduct Code: BR0203

10. Makeheal – Naked Slip Brow PencilProduct Code: YL0801

11. Black Monster – Black Erasing Pen (2.2g)Source


Etude House Singapore offers full refunds or exchanges

For those who’ve bought the affected Etude House products, we’ve got good news for you.

You may get a full refund or exchange your affected Etude House products in a local branch if they fall under these batch details.

  • AC Clean-Up Mild Concealer
    • Serial Number: AAH
    • Expiry Date: 8 Jan 2021
  • Drawing Eyebrow Duo No. 3 (Gray-Brown)
    • Serial Number: GLG
    • Expiry Date: 17 Dec 2020

Stay safe

We understand the alarm that’s spreading across the Korean makeup scene as antimony is potentially as deadly as arsenic, depending on the amount of exposure a person receives.

Now that you’ve been warned about the potentially harmful products which may be lurking in your makeup bags, it’s probably wise to scour through your collection, if your favourite Korean cosmetic brand has been listed.

Featured image from Google Maps, Beauty Sesh, Q0010.