2 Fearless Singaporeans Extinguish KPE Taxi Fire Themselves While Waiting For The SCDF


2 Fearless Singaporeans Extinguish Fire From Taxi In KPE Tunnel

When something goes awry in Singapore, which of the following do you think the people will do?

a) Take out phone and record
b) Not my problem
c) Blame the government
d) All of the above

If your answer was “D”, congratulations you’re Singaporean, and also an awful person.

However, the options apparently didn’t apply to these 2 men, who decided to take things into their own hands when a taxi caught fire in the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) tunnel on Tuesday (29 Aug).


No smoking in the KPE.

Taxi catches fire in KPE tunnel

Motorists heading home through the KPE tunnel on Tuesday evening were in for a surprise when they found it to be filled with smoke. As they soon found out via the emergency announcement triggered by the Land Transport Authority telling those in the vicinity to exit the tunnel, a red Trans-Cab taxi on the third lane had caught fire and was obstructing traffic.

To make things even more exciting, the vehicle also exploded twice.

Photos and videos of the incident quickly made its way to social media.


Check out a video of the incident caught by a motorist below.

Channel NewsAsia reported that the Singapore Civil Defence Force was alerted to the incident at about 7pm.

However by the time they had arrived, it was too late. There was no more fire.

Singaporean men to the rescue

Turns out, members of the public had already extinguished the burning taxi before the SCDF arrived to the scene, as reported their a Facebook post.

According to All Singapore Stuff, the 2 courageous individuals were Abdillah Alhabshee and Fuad Aziz.


Thanks to the quick thinking of them, they utilized the fire hoses available in the tunnel to swiftly put out the fire.

MustShareNews managed to contact Fuad, and here’s what he had to say.

Fuad speaks

According to the EMT-trained Faud, he and his buddy were heading home when they heard the first explosion. They tailed a police vehicle for about 50m and saw the second explosion occur. They decided to block off the second lane and fight the fire themselves. Making use of his training in fire safety, the quick-thinking Faud grabbed a fire extinguisher from the side of the tunnel and tried to extinguish the fire. However, due to some wind disturbance, the fire extinguisher failed to do the one thing it was made to.

He then motioned to a Gurkha who was on hand to help unroll the firehose also located along the tunnel walls, and used it to fully extinguish the flames. The entire firefight took about 10 minutes, and they spent the rest of the time dousing the heat while waiting for the SCDF.

Netizens full of praise

When word of their heroic act spread, netizens immediately praised their efforts and selflessness.



Some even suggested that they run for the elections instead.



It is truly a rare sight to see when Singaporean comments online are unanimously positive.

Not all heroes wear capes

In the midst of chaos and confusion with everyone scrambling away from the inferno, these 2 brave men risked their safety to prevent the situation from escalating any further.

They are proof that not all heroes wear capes.


For that, we salute you.

Featured images from Facebook.




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