She got into a minor accident and contacted the car owner

[MALAYSIA] Farah Roslan got into a minor accident when she was picking her sister up from school last week (15 July). Feeling guilty, she decided to leave a message for the car owner to explain the situation.


Her willingness to admit her mistake epitomises integrity. She took a photo of the scratched car (above) and went to different workshops to ask for an estimated repair cost for the damage.

Unexpected reply from the uncle

While she was still in shock from the minor accident, she was afraid of the response she might get from the owner of the car. Imagine how dumbstruck she was when she received this reply from the car owner.


Someone give the uncle an award for being such a good samaritan!


Responses she got on Twitter

She was not the only one shocked by the heart-warming reply from the uncle. Here are some of the Twitter responses she got regarding the accident:

Her integrity


She wouldn’t receive this compliment if she wasn’t responsible.

Bless the uncle’s soul

second response

His response = a beautiful soul? I think so too!

World peace if more are like him

third responseSource

If more people are just like him, I think we can achieve world peace.


Ramadan and Hari Raya Spirit

The uncle specifically asked her to give the money for the repair cost to those who are deserving. He also told her to recite “Bismillah” when giving it to ten needy people and he would rest his case.

His request for such acts are in line with the Ramadan and Hari Raya spirit for the Islamic Community. Muslims are encouraged to give back to the under-privilledged in the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims are required to perform Zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, the act of donating to the poor and needy.


Faith in humanity restored

Earlier this month (9 July), a similar incident happened in Singapore in which the van driver wrote a note after scratching someone’s car. When the car owner did not contact him that night, he went back to the parking lot the next day to look for the owner. The owner was so impressed with his honesty that he waived the damages fees and wrote about the entire incident to The Straits Times.

From these two incidents, our faith in humanity is restored after witnessing the big hearts of the car owners. Instead of pursuing matters, they let the matter rest as they were touched by the other party’s integrity and in turn, touched many other hearts with their actions.

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