Transport Minister says Singaporeans won’t pay more for better service

“If you have a higher level of service, are you prepared to pay more?”

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew spoke at an interview with Today on Thursday (13 August) about trains, transport fares, and his time at the Ministry.

We guess the interview was more of a farewell tour as Minister Lui has already announced that he will be stepping down before the elections.

However, when speaking about transport fares, he cited the quote above and explained commuters are not willing to pay more for better service. He then gave an indication of a survey on taxis to prove his point.


That’s right. He cited a survey on taxis, and used the results to suggest that people feel the same about buses and trains.



Singaporeans reactions to his comments

Obviously, netizens weren’t happy with the outgoing Transport Ministers comments. And obviously, they expressed their displeasure in the comments section.

Even more obviously, MustShareNews trawled the comments section to bring you the very best:

The right kind of question

Comment 1 editedSource

This comment is on point.


Basic necessity

Comment 3 edited

Because basic necessity should be kept at a minimum.

Future Transport Minister

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Such a detailed list! This person should be our next transport minister instead.

The sarcastic ones

Comment 2 edited

It looks like someone has been listening to some bad advice.

tharman advice

Basic service first

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Because without basic service, how can they progress to a better service?

A solution for better service

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Bus waiting problems

Comment 7 edited

This is what usually happens to me every morning. Maybe our bus service should learn from Japan.

The definition of better service

Comment 8 editedSource

I’m pretty sure that we won’t mind to pay more for this kind of service.


The classic reason

Comment 10 edited

Because comparing the CEO’s salary will show you how good the service are.

And saving the best for last,

Must be for GE!

Comment 11 edited

Since the PAP have announced about the election, they must talk about this issue before it becomes a hot topic for the opposition to discuss.

Sum Up

Despite all of these feedback from the netizens, Transport Minister Lui has tried his best in providing Singapore it’s best transportation system. Since he has announced his impending departure from the Ministry, who would take over his position?

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With references from Today, Channel NewsAsia, YouTube