Lazada and Youtiao666 Team Up To Release Ad

We’ve all seen our fair share of heartwarming and tear-inducing Mother’s Day tributes this year, but this one might just be the most lit one.

In an attempt to spread the news of their newest Mother’s Day sale, e-commerce site Lazada released a video with the question: 

What was the last thing that you bought your mom?

See what happens here:


It begins innocently with a mother being brought in for an interview. She talks about her son and even shows a picture of him. When asked what she wanted for this year’s Mother’s Day, she ponders a little and:


… breaks into an amazing rap.


In collaboration with popular social media sensations Youtiao666, the lady bursts into song with the tagline “Buy Me Shit”.


The video comically explains how many different things you can buy for your mother via the Lazada sale. From yoga mats to back massages, they seem to offer everything under the sun.


Although there may be some things that you may not be able to afford.


Netizens Go Wild

While traditional, touchy-feely Mother’s Day ads might have lost their effectiveness with Singaporeans, this new chic rap surely hit the spot.

The video was met with an avalanche of praises, with netizens completely won over by the creative rap with the extremely catchy tune.


Mother’s Day Sale

If someone is compiling a list of top advertisements, be sure to add this to your compilation. The video’s success might have just brought a truckload of shoppers to Lazada.

If you have been swayed by the ad too, head down to their website, and you can buy her shit?

Featured image from Facebook