Lee Bee Wah Says She Didn’t Issue The Floodlight Order & Doesn’t Run ActiveSG, In Response To The Online Citizen’s Article

Roughly a week ago, a football match at Yishun Stadium ended unceremoniously when the stadium plunged into darkness.

The match between the Warriors FC Under-19 team and the FAS Football Academy (FFA) Under-18 team had to be abandoned.

Coverage of the incident by alternative news site The Online Citizen (TOC) alleged that Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah issued instructions for the lights to be switched off.

Except she has stated categorically on Facebook that she did no such thing.

Let’s take a look at what has been said about the whole he-said-she-said.

The beautiful game?

The game of footy between the youth sides was unfortunately abandoned in the 69th minute.


According to TOC, the Centre Manager for Yishun Stadium turned off the lights at 9pm after “allegedly receiving instructions” from Ms Lee.

These instructions were apparently issued after receiving a slew of complaints from residents of a nearby condominium, The Estuary.

Which put a bit of a damper on what we shall assume was a cracking match.

In her statement on Facebook, she denied having anything to do with the matter, stating that she did not “even run ActiveSG or the Stadium”.

According to her, TOC published their allegations even after a post coming from Warriors FC stated that the match ended prematurely due to floodlight failure.

In spite of this, TOC went ahead with posting a “falsehood”.

Ms Lee then stated that this was the “danger” of online falsehoods, better known by their street name — fake news.

If nothing else, at least her stand is consistent.

When Channel NewsAsia reached out to Ms Lee for comment, she said,

It is fake news.

Doubling down

Evidently, Ms Lee’s statement created more questions than answers.


TOC stand seems to be that: If Ms Lee did not order the lights to be turned off, someone did.

General Manager of Warriors FC, Paul Poh commented on TOC’s Facebook page, shedding some light on the matter.

According to Mr Poh, the lights were programmed to turn themselves off at 9pm.

Also, he confirmed that “for sure there were no MP at the stadium” giving “such instruction”. He attributed it as a “technical error” from SportsSG.

Instead, blame should land squarely on the combined shoulders of SportsSG and FAS, for both scheduling and accepting the match, which was to be played to 10pm.

Questions begetting questions

TOC ended their article by lamenting the lack of anyone stepping up to answer the main questions, which are apparently:

  • Who gave the instruction to have the lights turned off automatically at 9pm?
  • Was it instituted following repeated complaints from residents of The Estuary?

However, the hot button question on everyone’s minds remains:

  • Should TOC have conducted verified the facts with Ms Lee before publishing three articles about the issue?

Some questions are easier to answer than others.

Featured image from footballtripper and Lee Bee Wah.