Everything You Need To Know About The Lee Family Saga

This list will be regularly updated with new information as it becomes known to us.

– DAY 1 –

14 June, Wednesday, 2:20am (Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang)

The main allegations were:

  1. LWL and LHY accused PM Lee of trying to use his position as Prime Minister to create a ministerial committee to turn the home into a heritage site.
  2. LWL and LHY claim that PM Lee had been using his authority as a Prime Minister to influence the committee had been set up to decide the fate of the Oxley Road home.
  3. LWL and LHY accused HC of being too influential on government matters.
  4. LHY cited that he was afraid of the state taking action on him, thus he explained that he would be leaving Singapore for the foreseeable future. He attributed all his fears to PM Lee.

LWL and LHY  stated they had lost all faith in PM Lee’s abilities to govern Singapore.

14 June, Wednesday, 9:41am (PM Lee Hsien Loong)

PM Lee defends himself and his wife, HC, in a Facebook post. He also expresses his sadness that his siblings had chosen to go public with their views and feels that they had tarnished LKY’s image. He promises to look into the matter once he returns from his private family holiday,

14 June, Wednesday, 2:11pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

In an interview with The Straits Times, LHY reveals plans to leave Singapore with his wife, Mrs Lee Suet Fern (Fern), but doesn’t disclose where is heading to or when he is leaving.

14 June, Wednesday, 5:30pm (Cabinet Secretary Tan Kee Yong)

Cabinet Secretary Tan Kee Yong issued a statement from the PM’s office explaining that the committee had been set up to “consider the options for” the house on 38 Oxley Road. He clarified that PM Lee had not been included in discussions made by the committee and that any opinions given by PM Lee were only considered as those as the eldest son of the late LKY.

Mr Tan also claimed to be investigating the nature in which the final will of LKY was drafted, and any possible connection to the will and Fern.

14 June, Wednesday, Evening (Lee Hsien Yang)

In an article by Yahoo Singapore, LHY suggested to them he had friends had faced “serious repercussions”.

– DAY 2 –

15 June, Thursday, 12:19am (Lee Wei Ling)

LWL follows up with another post criticising LHL for allegedly setting up a “secret committee” to enforce his personal agenda. She explained that due to this alleged act, this incident cannot be chalked up as a “private family matter”.

15 June, Thursday, 1:18am (Lee Wei Ling)

LWL explains that she is on a “Scottish island holiday” and reveals that her main intentions behind the joint statement were to warn Singaporeans of PM Lee’s “misuse of official power”. She also talks about how PM Lee and HC are “finally showing their true colours”.

15 June, Thursday, 3:00pm (Li Hongyi)

PM Lee’s son, Li Hongyi takes to Facebook to assure everyone that he has no interest in entering politics.

15 June, Thursday, 4:04pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY posts a picture of the “contrast” between how PM Lee supposedly behaves in public and what his actions were beyond the public’s eye. LHY also reiterates that both himself and LWL had lost their confidence in PM Lee.

15 June, Thursday, 9:11pm (PM Lee Hsien Loong)

PM Lee releases a statutory declaration in the form of a Facebook note, along with a Facebook post in a comprehensive defence on the allegations made by his siblings.

In his 4,000 word long declaration, PM Lee revealed the existence of an email thread involving Fern and LKY, which raised questions about Fern’s role in the preparation of the final will of LKY — especially the inclusion of the demolition clause and the splitting of the assets among the Lee siblings. He questioned whether LKY was truly aware of the changes that had been made to the final will.

He also added that LWL had confided in HC, voicing her concerns that LHY had “pulled a fast one” over her.

15 June, Thursday, 9:25pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY claims PM Lee’s statement was contradictory to the one he made to the ministerial committee. He questioned why PM Lee had put up no legal challenge when the will was first read to him.

15 June, Thursday, 9:33pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY further explained that the paragraph regarding the demolition was right above LKY’s signature on the will, so it was unlikely that LKY was unaware of its addition to the will.

15 June, Thursday, 10:16pm (Lee Wei Ling)

LWL accuses PM Lee and HC of being “mischievous and dishonest” for taking quotes out of context to insinuate that LHY and Fern were trying to cheat her. She also claimed that PM Lee and HC had persuaded LKY to remove the clause allowing her (LWL) to stay at 38 Oxley Road after LKY’s death.

She also was grateful to Fern for allegedly helping her settle an argument that she had had with LKY. She claimed that Fern had even convinced LKY to reinstate her share of the estate, and for including an extra 1/7 of the share.

– DAY 3 –

16 June, Friday, 12:03am (Lee Wei Ling)

LWL quickly followed her previous post up with proof by attaching email screenshots of the correspondence between Fern and herself, along with more emails sent by Fern. The emails indicated that Fern had been siding with LWL and that she had been trying to resolve the dispute between LWL and LKY.

16 June, Friday, 3:44am (Li Shengwu)

LHY and Fern’s son, Li Shengwu, also quipped in by claiming that he had no interest to enter politics and also opined that it would not be in the nation’s best interests for a third generation member of the family to do so.

16 June, Friday, 7:32am (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY added onto his defence by claiming that PM Lee had been lying when he had stated that LWL and LHY were yet to answer to the ministerial committee. LHY further claimed that he had reported to the committee that the final will had not been drafted up by the Stanford Law Corporation.

16 June, Friday, 1:05pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

He further substantiated his previous claim by stating that the final will itself had been arranged by the same lawyer as the first 6 — Kwa Kim Li of Lee & Lee law firm. This was in direct conflict with PM Lee’s statement which asserted that the last will had not been the work of Kim Li.

16 June, Friday, 4:06pm (Kwa Kim Li)

In an article by Channel NewsAsia, LKY’s private lawyer, Ms Kwa Kim Li, was reported saying that —

No, I did not prepare the last will.

This went directly against LHY’s claim that it had been her who had drafted all the wills, including the seventh and final will.

16 June, Friday, 6:33pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY accuses PM Lee of being more keen to challenge the validity of LKY’s final will than of considering the actions to be taken for the house.

16 June, Friday, 11:11pm (Goh Chok Tong)

In a Facebook post, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, got involved in the foray. He stated that Singapore would eventually hustle through the escapade, as we’ve “prevailed through crises and adversity”.

However, he also called the Lee family argument a “petty dispute”, which drew flak from many Singaporeans.

– DAY 4 –

17 June, Saturday, 1:29am (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY defended his claim, and further commented that the final will had been almost a replica of the first will (20 August 2011), save the gift-over clause which had been unknowingly discarded from the final will.

He also revealed that LKY had read his final will “very carefully” and have initialled every page, and had even asked his will witnesses to be two solicitors who weren’t from “Lee&Lee”.

17 June, Saturday, 7:09am (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY reiterated his claim that PM Lee had spoken two very different set of words in front of Parliament and to his lawyer, Mr Lucien Wong, regarding the representation of LKY’s wishes.

17 June, Saturday, 1:46pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY quickly followed up his post with another write-up that retold the narrative of the drafting of the last will. LHY explained it had been LKY who had agreed to reverting to the first will, and had read through the will very thoroughly before endorsing it.

Since the first will was drafted by the Ms Kwa Kim Li, and since the final will was allegedly almost identical to the first, LHY has claimed that it was Ms Kwa who had drafted the final will too.

17 June, Saturday, Afternoon (DPM Teo Chee Hean)

In a statement from the PM’s office, Deputy PM Teo argued that the ministerial committee that LHL and LWL had accused of being a “secret” one, was not a secret at all. He also explained that the government had established many such committees to contemplate over various issues, and that this one was just one like numerous others. He revealed the committee’s other members to be  — Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu, Minister for Law K Shanmugam (Shan), and Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong.

17 June, Saturday, 6:02pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

He opined that there was a conflict of interests for Shan, who he claimed had been lending assistance to LKY and his children in order to fulfill his wishes.

17 June, Saturday, 7:34pm (K Shanmugam)

In a response to LHY’s facebook post, Shan talked about how his advice to LKY and LWL were given on their request, and also as a Cabinet Minister, not as a lawyer to his client. Therefore, any claims of a conflict of interest, in his opinion, were “baseless” and “ridiculous”.

– DAY 5 –

18 June, Sunday, 5:51am (Lee Hsien Yang)

In a follow up post, LHY asked DPM Teo to look up the word “secret”, and further showed quotes from LKY which made clear his wish for the house to be demolished.

18 June, Sunday, 12:42pm (Lee Wei Ling)

LWL expressed her disappointed over Shan’s response, claiming that he had switched his tune and that the friendship between them had turned sour.

– DAY 6 –

19 June, Monday, 9:07am (Lee Hsien Yang)

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, LHY was quoted saying that the dispute between him and PM Lee had come at a “great personal cost”. He also expressed fears that he had been “spied on” by the government.

19 June, Monday, 4:29pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY shows emails from Mr Lucien Wong, claiming that the latter had received the NHB Deed of Gift. He questions Mr Wong’s methods in obtaining the document.

19 June, Monday, 7:31pm (PM Lee Hsien Loong)

PM Lee issues a public apology on his Facebook page. He apologies for the confusion and disdain this matter has brought to Singaporeans. He reveals plans to make a ministerial statement to Parliament on this topic on July 3, where the party whip will be lifted.

– DAY 7 –

20 June, Tuesday, 8:47am (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY refutes PM Lee’s apology by asserting that the younger Lee siblings had never cried foul about the former receiving 38 Oxley Road as part of the will. They also repeated their main question —

Was our father, Lee Kuan Yew, unwavering in his demolition wish?

20 June, Tuesday, 5:06pm(Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY refutes DPM Teo’s claim that he had discussed the committee’s discussions with the younger Lee siblings. LHY insisted that all discussion with DPM Teo had not been done in the latter’s capacity as a Committee Chair.

21 June, Wednesday, 8:00am (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY further substantiated his accusation that PM Lee had been playing LKY.

22 June, Thursday, 7:50am (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY finally provides “solid” proof of alleged abuse of power from PM Lee.

22 June, Thursday, 5:35pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY brought another issue to light, this time calling Mdm Ho Ching out for lending LKY’s personal items to the National Heritage Board. LHY also revealed that Ho Ching did this as a representative of the Prime Minister’s Office, although she holds no official position there. He claimed that she had done this on 6 February 2015, just one day after LKY was admitted to the hospital for being gravely ill with pneumonia.

Ho Ching promptly responded by commenting on the post, claiming that she had been in Spain on that date. Channel NewsAsia backed her up, by assuring the public that Ho Ching had been in Madrid, and had only returned to Singapore on February 7. NHB later clarified that there had been a “clerical error” on the document, and that the correct date should have been 6 April 2015.

22 June, Thursday, 5:35pm (Tharman Shanmugaratnam)

Quite spookily, DPM Tharman entered the foray at the exact same time as LHY with his own Facebook post, assuring Singaporeans that the government would remain steady and shall continue to lead Singapore into success.

22 June, Thursday,11:17pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY acknowledged NHB’s statement, but further inquired on why Ho Ching was representing the PMO in the first place.

23 June, Friday,1:05pm (Lee Wei Ling)

LWL re-asserts that the committee was purposely shielding information from Singaporeans.

23 June, Friday,5:14pm (Lawrence Wong)

Mr Wong finally spoke up against allegations of foul play, and explained that the Deed of Gift had indeed been given to PM Lee because of his official position. He rationalized it by explaining that this was a matter of national concern, thus the Prime Minister should be notified.

23 June, Friday,5:24pm (Lee Wei Ling)

LWL reveals an email that allegedly shows PM Lee telling his family that he will make clear LKY’s wishes for demolition.

23 June, Friday,6:28pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY claims that Mr Wong is not revealing the complete truth and insinuates that “someone” did not want the house to be demolished.

Mr Wong then edited his post and promised the full story come July 3.

23 June, Friday,9:58pm (Lee Hsien Loong)

PM Lee backs up his wife, asserting that the loan of the items were in good will and that the other Lee siblings were kept in the loop.

24 June, Saturday, 10:06pm (Indranee Rajah)

Senior Minister of State Indranee Rajah entered the mix with a flurry of Facebook posts, giving her take on the saga. In one post, she questioned if LKY really knew what he was signing when he initialed his final will. She also asked LHY why he was seeking an answer from the government now, especially since LWL was still staying at the home.

24 June, Saturday, 11:20pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY insists that to question LKY’s comprehensive ability was “an insult to a great man”. He accuses PM Lee of encouraging ministers to cast the same aspersions onto Singaporeans.

27 June, Tuesday, 7:57am (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY refutes SMS Rajah’s statement by claiming that both LWL and himself had never requested for the government to allow the demolition to take place now, but only after LWL’s departure. He also accuses SMS Rajah of being a pawn of PM Lee.

27 June, Tuesday, 11:29am (Indranee Rajah)

SMS Rajah accuses LHL of avoiding the questions that she had posed, along with providing empty answers.

29 June, Thursday, 5:25pm (Lee Hsien Yang)

LHY expresses concerns about the parliamentary sitting on the Oxley Road house on July 3, saying that it’s an attempt by his brother to “cover up and whitewash himself”.

He also doubts that the PAP MPs will speak up against their boss.

We will be updating this article as new information emerges.

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