Thank you advertisements mark one month since Lee Kuan Yew’s Passing


Grand, regal yet simple, and sincere are the words we would use to describe the Lee family’s thank you advertisements circulating major newspapers today.

Exactly one month since the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, the Lee family has decided that today is the perfect day to spread heartfelt positivity to Singaporeans through sincere thanks.

Their words feel like a big group hug.

“Thank you for being with us, as we mourned the passing of our papa and yeye” and “You (his medical and security teams) served and cared for him, with dedication and love for so many years” are some of the words the family penned down.

Their gratitude goes out to those that showed love

During the one week mourning period last month, one thing Singaporeans did more than grief was love others:

LKY 3Source
LKY 4Source
LKY 2Source

Today, the Lees share how touched they truly are:

“You touched us deeply with your affection and respect for him, and with your heartwarming kindness as you shared our grief.”

The past month has revealed a better version of Singapore and there’s more to rejoice in than mourn. What are the Lees really saying? Dry your eyes and give yourself a pat on the back.

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Featured image via The Straits Times
With reference to The Straits Times, Yahoo News