Leonard Soosay barely listens to music, but comes up with alternative method to save local radio station Lush 99.5FM

Have you ever been so moved by a movement that you were convinced to do something you wouldn’t?

Singaporean Leonard Soosay bought a portable radio player, sat in a coffee shop all day, and drained its battery, while listening to Lush 99.5FM.

All just to show his support for the radio station in danger of shutting down. I would do the same, but I have an app on my phone for that. #KidsTheseDays

This is what Leonard Soosay posted on Facebook about joining the #IListenToLush movement.


Except Leonard Soosay is no ordinary Singaporean.

Leonard has produced tracks for over 500 local artistes since 1997, giving him the title of a legendary music producer for the local music scene. What’s surprising is not that a local music producer would support a local radio station, it’s that someone who barely listens to music would support a platform that plays music 24 hours.

99.5FM in not so lush territory

Lush 99.5FM is a local radio station that plays indie music, but has been focusing on broadcasting local music to encourage listeners to embrace how our local musicians. In fact, Lush 99.5FM is the only radio station in Singapore that focuses more on local music than your usual Ed Sheeran or Lana Del Ray plays.

The radio station has been experiencing a major drop in listener numbers because of this, and rumours are rife that they are currently undergoing a review of license by Media Development Board (MDA).

These rumours eventually brought rise to the #IListenToLush movement.


But Leonard isn’t the only known figure that has showed their support for #IListenToLush.

Tabitha Nauser and Music Matters LIVE have also joined the movement.


The hashtag #IListentoLush trended on Twitter for almost an hour on Monday (31 Aug), with Singaporeans and fans from all over the world chipping in to support the radio station.


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#iListentoLush from #London or wherever else I am in the world because there's nothing like listening to a piece of home from far away. in the fight to champion Singaporean music, we've never come as close to our goals as we are now because @lush995fm is the feistiest contender in the ring. thank you for pulling out all the stops for our indie local scene and indie music all over the world. Lush is an alternative radio station, the voice for those of us who have chosen to be different. it cannot be held to mass market ratings, the same way the musicians it features cannot and will not fight against the mainstream – we live by different standards and we are proud of that, it is who we are and who we're meant to be. Lush stands alone, as it should, as it is meant to be, because it is unlike anything else. we cannot live without Lush as a station, a lifestyle, a culture. it is EXACTLY what Singapore needs. hope you see that soon #mediacorpradio, #NielsenSurvey. thank you for all your support #lush995, you'll always have mine. ❤️ #lushloveslocal #alternativemusic #alternativeradio #indiemusic #indieradio #meekellahinlondontown

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“Feel the force!”

It’s a pleasure knowing that our scene has not failed on itself just yet (yes, we have a scene). Just looking through the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook from Singaporeans and others gives us hope that maybe this movement can actually save a radio station.


Let’s all give Lush 99.5FM a hand, simply tweet or post the hashtag #IListenToLush to join the movement!

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