Her passion for Maths kept her going

What would you do if you knew that you were running out of time?

Some may perhaps want to travel around the world, some may want to do things they never had the chance to, and some may even want to end their lives earlier.

But not for Cherrii Lim.

This brave 12-year-old warrior had been battling her illness for more than six months, but she had never once forgotten about her studies.

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Falling victim to Leukemia

In February, Lim was diagnosed with acute leukemia. This diagnosis came after Lim had a fever that did not subside after 10 days. But instead of wallowing in misery and self-pity, she turned to Maths, a subject she excelled in.

Her 46-year-old father, who works as a property agent, said practising maths questions was one of Lim’s greatest motivations while fighting cancer. He also said that his daughter had always performed well in Maths and Science, and was even amongst the top three in the cohort last year. He added that Lim’s ambition was to be a doctor.

Practising Maths online everyday

Things took a turn after Lim’s diagnosis. She had to stay in hospital for treatment, and her daily schedule was disrupted. The Punggol Primary School student was unable to attend school like the other children, but insisted on finishing her online Maths assignments everyday.

These assignments were designed by her school, in collaboration with education centre KooBits. As part of e-learning, students are supposed to finish a series of practice questions based on their ability.

In an interview, the founder of KooBits Stanley Han said that Lim had been practising on the site everyday, even on her sickbed.

On the day she died, she had almost no energy left and wore an oxygen mask due to breathing difficulties. Despite that, she insisted on getting up to do her Maths questions. It was only after she finished those questions did she finally agree to go to sleep.

Her condition deteriorated afterwards, and she passed away at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital seven hours later.

Maths whiz

Lim’s diligence paid off when she emerged the champion out of 8000 other Primary 6 students, earning herself the title of “Math Champion”. Her certificate, however, was left uncollected at Koobits, as Han was unaware that Lim was sick and unable to collect. Han decided to personally hand Lim her award after he was notified by the school. 

Workers’ Party’s Yee Jenn Jong took to Facebook to share this episode:

During his visit, Han said that Lim could not speak at that point in time, but responded when he handed her the certificate — one last victory for the courageous girl who never gave up.

Rest in peace.

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