Facebook Page Shames Pink Dot Sponsors

It seems Singapore is still a long way from accepting the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community.

Despite events like the annual Pink Dot Singapore that is held in support of the LGBTQ community’s freedom to love, some Singaporeans are uncomfortable with the idea of this “twisted” love.

One Facebook page, Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family is especially intolerant of such heinous acts of love. So, they decided to condemn Pink Dot sponsors for supporting the “abnormal, unhealthy and destructive lifestyle” that the LGBT community lives by.

Argh, here we go again with the anti-LGBTQ bull.


Pink Dot Sponsors Shamed

In a strongly-worded post, the Facebook page slammed the Pink Dot sponsors for channelling funds to support the LGBTQ movement instead of donating the money to those in need like the underprivileged, orphans and the disabled.

Basically, this Facebook group is afraid that oral and anal sex between homosexuals would be legalized in Singapore — as if a rescission of the law would have any effect on these pure heterosexual bigots at all.


The post included 5 photos that featured all the sponsors of the Pink Dot, in what turned out to be a failed attempt at stirring negative feelings towards these brands.


Their public shaming backfired in spectacular fashion, with netizens flaming them hard on their own post for their bigotry and hatred towards those whom are born different.

Rather than avoid these brands, many voiced out that they’d be patronizing them instead.


The companies involved must be thankful for the free marketing provided. By saving on marketing costs they’d have more money to support LGBTQ movements, a win-win situation for all parties!


One user found it appalling how this hypocritical page could question the various organizations for choosing to support LGBTQ over more pressing issues when they themselves don’t do anything charitable.


While this guy was just plain savage when dishing out his scathing attack towards the Facebook page.


Another pointed out that they will have to give up using popular apps like Facebook and Instagram too.


Who knows, they might just abandon using the computer altogether as the inventor of computers is a homosexual. It wouldn’t be a good idea to acknowledge him by using his invention after all, right?


Live And Let Live

The existence of LGBTQ is still a foreign concept to some, but it’s time we shelved these archaic and prejudiced thoughts once and for all.

We may not agree nor approve of their choices, but we can learn how to be tolerant and strive to be an inclusive society.

Live and let live, because everyone deserves to love freely.

If you would like to support these pro-LGBTQ companies, check them out here.

Featured Image from Wikimedia and Facebook.