PM Lee’s Alleged Abuse Of Power To Obtain Deed Of Gift

Another day, another development.

Despite Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s announcement that he will be lifting the party whip and answering questions over the family dispute in a Parliamentary Sitting on 3 July, Lee Hsien Yang has not backed down from intensifying his allegations against his elder brother.

Just 3 days ago (19 June), LHY questioned whether PM Lee received the Deed of Gift in a public or private capacity — claiming that the former is a clear abuse of power, especially if the information is for personal use.


As it turned out, LHY already knew the answer to the aforementioned question and released evidence earlier this morning (22 June).

PM Lee Acquired Deed In Public Capacity

Back in 2015, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) was questioned over PM Lee’s acquisition of the deed.

Here’s the explanation the AGC provided according to LHY:


The AGC claimed it was neither unusual nor illegitimate for PM Lee to receive a copy of the Deed of Gift from the National Heritage Board (NHB) as the Government has a say in “any major public exhibition concerning Singapore’s founding leaders or founding Prime Minister, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew”.

Where The Alleged Abuse Of Power Happened

LHY took issue with how this confidential document was allegedly obtained in LHL’s official capacity of Prime Minister, yet used to advance his personal agenda as a private citizen.

The claim: After receiving the Deed of Gift from then-Minister of Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong, PM Lee passed it on to his personal lawyer Lucien Wong, who was not Attorney-General at the time.

If PM Lee was interested in preserving 38 Oxley Road in the country’s interest, he should have handed the Deed of Gift to then-AG  V. K. Rajah, not to Lucien Wong.

LHY highlighted the perceived abuse of power:

“When other Ministers receive confidential documents in their official capacities, are they also allowed to use these documents to fight personal legal battles with (their) family?”

Regardless, the only proof we have that this happened has been provided by LHY. If it is proven that the Deed of Gift was obtained as Prime Minister yet provided to Lucien Wong, it is a serious charge that shows a deliberate blurring of lines between the personal and professional lives of PM Lee.

Arsenal Of Evidence

Even as more and more information is being released by the day, it’s as though nobody is getting any closer in understanding the full picture.

But it seems as though LHY has a secret stash of evidence waiting to be disclosed.

If that truly is the case, LHY might drop a bomb in the event PM Lee slips up when answering questions during the Parliamentary Sitting.

And isn’t it intriguing how it’s been over 7 hours (at the time of writing) since the post first appeared on LHY’s page but The Straits Times has yet to cover it?

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