Why Lee Hsien Yang Wants To Leave Singapore

Singapore has been rocked by the recent allegations against PM Lee Hsien Loong after a strongly worded statement was released by his younger siblings, Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang on Wednesday (June 14).

Unlike international news sites, our local mainstream media coverage has been generally muted over this story.

Which means people might be unaware of the hidden nuggets of information in the saga — how many of you knew that PM Lee’s former personal lawyer, Lucien Wong, is now Singapore’s Attorney-General?

To Yahoo Singapore’s credit, they’ve gotten in touch with LHY to find out more, and his interview with them seems to reveal why the man wants to leave Singapore.

“Serious Repercussions”

Here’s the paragraph from the statement revealing Lee Hsien Yang’s desire to leave Singapore:


He explicitly stated that PM Lee is the sole reason for his departure, but what exactly has PM Lee has pushed him to such extreme thoughts of wanting to banish himself from Singapore shores?

When pressed further by Yahoo Singapore, LHY mentioned some of his friends had been suffered “serious repercussions”.

He said:

“They don’t want to be identified and they don’t want the issue to be raised. But there have been… a number of incidents which have caused hurt and pain to people.”

It seems as though close friends of LHY have been on the receiving end. While we don’t know the exact reasons why they have been targeted, these incidents have clearly left him shaken.

Could these “serious repercussions” be the reason why LHY’s wife, Suet Fern was brought up in the statement?


Perhaps he was afraid his wife would be implicated next and hence decided to leave Singapore.

Lee Siblings Alleged PM Lee Contradicted Himself In 2015

Back in 2015, the sibling trio agreed on the course of action of the house. A joint statement was posted on Facebook via PM Lee’s page, and it clearly stated that PM Lee would like to see this wish (the demolition of 38 Oxley Road) honoured:


However, LHY has suggested that PM Lee hasn’t been honest in the dealings over the house:

“It’s not purely a matter of sincerity, it’s a matter of honesty, and abiding by what you have committed to.”

In the statement, Dr LWL and LHY alleged PM Lee tried to be seen as filial even though he had other intentions.


Despite agreeing on honouring the wishes of LKY and recusing himself from all government decisions involving 38 Oxley Road, a Ministerial Committee was set up to discuss the options for the house.

The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement on Wednesday (June 14) through Cabinet Secretary Mr Tan Kee Yong. Even though PM Lee was claimed to be “not involved” in the discussions, his views “were sought in his personal capacity”.

Then again, if PM Lee already decided that he would respect his late father’s wish, why did he even allow the setting up of such a Committee in the first place?

LHY summed it up as follows:

“Recuse generally seems to mean that you should exclude yourself, you should not participate. And he seems to think that he is free to make representations of this committee, regardless of his commitment to recuse himself.”

Statutory Declaration

Dr LWL and LHY have also been invited by the Committee to make a Statutory Declaration of their response, although they are only able to respond by end June earliest.

This dispute is sure to uncover more information so don’t be surprised to witness more twist and turns in this saga.

Read the full story here.

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