Li Chun Timings For 2018 Are Out, So You Know What Time To Deposit Money For Good Luck


Li Chun 2018 Falls On 4 February, Sunday

Even as 2018 barely gets started, the hype train for Chinese New Year has already begun. And before CNY comes the tradition of depositing money on Li Chun in an attempt to secure good luck for the year ahead.

This year, the auspicious day of Li Chun falls on 4 Feb, just 12 days before the first day of CNY, which happens on 16 Feb.

And right on cue, various outlets have taken liberty to publish auspicious timings for the various Chinese zodiacs to deposit their money on the day.

Of course, we here at MustShareNews can’t just let you go out there and source for such information yourself.

We’ve made a timetable of our own.

Li Chun has its roots in ancient China, where villagers would celebrate the start of spring with worships and offerings. However, the custom of depositing money into bank accounts seems to be a uniquely Singaporean tradition.

Whatever your zodiac there’s one thing you should know though. 4 Feb falls on a Sunday, so will banks be open to accept deposits? There’s only one way to find out.

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