Li Haoyi: 6 Reasons Why Singaporeans Should Be Proud Of PM Lee’s 3rd Son


PM Lee’ Son Is Also A Genius

When Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s second son Li Hongyi declared that he had no interest in politics, it was seen as a response to allegations from his aunt and uncle in Singapore’s most read PDF of the year, that PM Lee and his wife Ho Ching harboured political ambitions for him.

Which may make some wonder, how about his other siblings, then?

No Interest In Politics

PM Lee had mentioned before that none of his children were interested in joining politics “at the moment”, and apart from Hongyi, that seems to be the case for this younger brother, Li Haoyi, as well.

In fact, it seems like a political career for Haoyi would be a loss for the world of mathematics and programming, as the PM’s talent in these fields seems to have been passed down to Haoyi.


2 years ago, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong released his self-programmed Sudoku solver on FaceBook, a timely reminder to us all that our PM is a programming genius.

He also revealed earlier this year that his favourite blog is a math blog, revealing the extent of his inner geek.

While Mr Lee ventured into politics, all that valuable mathematical talent hasn’t been lost — it just got passed down to his son Haoyi.

It just proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and good genes are a real thing.

Li Haoyi_Son of LHL_in the genes


Here are some other ways that Li Haoyi has taken the good genes from his father and grandfather Lee Kuan Yew and used it in ways that Singaporeans should be proud of.

1. He Got Into MIT

It isn’t every day you get 43 out of 45 for an International Baccalaureate exam, proceed to get accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the top university in the world for 4 years straight, according to the QS World University Rankings), and graduate with a GPA of 4.8 out of 5.0 in Computer Science. #TeachMeSenpai

Li Haoyi_Son of LHL_very smart_really gif


2. He’s Independent-Minded

Haoyi’s older brother Hongyi tried to persuade him not to take up a scholarship after Haoyi’s stellar results in the IB, revealed late founding father Lee Kuan Yew in a dialogue in 2008.

The then Minister Mentor, relating what Hongyi wrote in a letter without identifying his grandsons by name, said: “He has written to his brother who has just got his Baccalaureate results, and says, ‘Don’t take a scholarship’.”

However, Haoyi was still thinking of applying for an Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) scholarship.

Haoyi later went to MIT, where Hongyi had studied.

3. He Interned At Both Dropbox And Facebook

Li Haoyi_Son of LHL_Internship_Dropbox_Facebook


According to his online resume, Li Haoyi was an intern at 2 very recognisable websites — Dropbox and Facebook.

While he worked on a platform that many Millenials use — Facebook’s messaging system, his contributions to Dropbox were also significant, and certainly did not go unnoticed — he now works at Dropbox as a software engineer.

4. He’s Technically An Author

Li Haoyi has built many “libraries”, which in human language, are the equivalent of e-books — files containing useful information on coding.

Some codes he has created libraries for include Scala and FastParse-Js-Dom.

What’s more, he’s a best-selling author too — his libraries have a wide outreach of more than 90,000 downloads a month, and serve as a useful resource for computer programmers.

5. He’s A G00d Speaker

Li Haoyi_Son of LHL_Talks_Speeches_Programming_Scala



Giving an hour-long talk to a room of people? That should be no problem for the PM, but the PM’s son?

Well, he also makes it look like a breeze. Having given at least 14 talks on programming and codes to multiple audiences, one can say that Li Haoyi now delivers content well and confidently — just watch his latest talk on Scala Scripting:

6. He Has A Sense Of Humour

This is from his profile on Crunchbase:

Li Haoyi_Son of LHL_Crunchbase profile_sense of humour


We get it, writing codes is tough, tedious and tiring, but bashing your talented brains against a brick wall would just be… a complete waste of talent.

We’re lucky that Haoyi only felt like bashing his brains, and didn’t actually do so.

So while none of PM Lee’s children will be venturing into politics just yet, we think that’s actually good news for the world.

We shouldn’t let the political arena use up all the smarts in the family, should we?

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