Li Shengwu Gets Threatening Letter From AGC, Amends Facebook Post

When Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s nephew Li Shengwu posted about the “litigious” Singapore Government and “pliant” court system in a private Facebook post, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said that it would look into the matter.


Dog-gone It

When friends expressed concern over Mr Li’s privacy after the incident went viral, and urged him to purge his Facebook friends list of any suspected Government “observer”, Mr Li said of course his “uncle’s dogs” were watching his posts.

But, he added, he would not purge his friends list — brave and defiant words that some Singaporeans applauded.



However, in a public Facebook post on Friday (Aug 4), Mr Li shared that he had amended the original post “so as to clarify” his meaning.


AGC Letter

Mr Li shared that he was issued a “threatening letter” from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), saying that his private post was “an attack on the Singapore judiciary and is in contempt of court”, an assessment Mr Li still does not agree with.

Here is the original private post that landed Mr Li in hot soup.


A Clarification

However, Mr Li has since clarified what he meant.

The son of Mr Lee Hsien Yang said he did not intend to “attack the Singapore judiciary or to undermine public confidence in the administration of justice”.

Mr Li clarified that he meant that the Singapore media was restricted by the “litigious” Singapore Government when compared with the media of countries such as the United States, which has “different legal rules with respect to press freedom”.

He also meant to say that there is “flexibility in Singapore’s defamation laws”, which the Government makes use of to restrict unfavourable reporting.

A Painful Bite?

Mr Li’s clarification would prove useful to the public who did not see his original “friends-only” post.

However, we could not help but notice that his latest post has less sass.

The letter from the AGC seemed to have served its purpose — it seems to have made him issue a clarification and amend his post, more than 2 weeks after he made it.

Perhaps the “dogs” got to him after all.

Featured images from Facebook and Thriving Canine